Martha Girard-Wasserman
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
7 years of experience
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About me

I'm a birth-keeper. I walk with women in responsibility TO, not for them. I guide women to open for fertility, pregnancy, birth, and mothering from a place of self trust. Explore: -Wild Birth and -Divine mothering! I've served hundreds of women for pregnancy, birth, and mothering. My deep trust of both women and birth defines my work. Let's shift to: 1-You know ALL your options. 2-Birth as FROM WOMEN is the new normal. 3-You mother from your own innately perfect wisdom. Join your sisters who've birthed as fully capable beings in true undisturbed birth! BIRTH-KEEPER is for women exploring homebirth, especially for women having wild pregnancies and/or planning a wild woman-owned autonomous birth. DOULA is primarily for when you're in the medical-obstetric system. I work with women in this way on occasion. I worked decades in-hospital prior to answering my calling to Walk with Women. I'm very experienced in navigating the system. I've got lots certificates, credentials, and such. I practice yoga, hatha and Kundalini. I lead pregnancy yoga. I'm a Reiki practitioner, level 2 As a mother, friend, and Mother Earth worshipper, I learn daily and honor the intent of all beings. POSTPARTUM I'm a mothering guide as you shift from maiden to motherhood. Plus breastfeeding and other practical help


Radical Birth-Keeper, Freebirth Society (2020)

Certification and training

Doula Certified, Well Rounded (2016)

Certified Hypno doula, Hypnobabies (2016)

Reiki, II (2010)

PNYI (2018)

Spinning Babies (2017)

Breastfeeding support certified (2017)

Freebirth Study Course (2018)

Blood Mysteries School (2022)

Innate Traditions, Rachelle Garcia (2021)

Cardiac Echo Tech (expired) (2005)

CPR (2018)

Karen Strange, basics of nnr (2021)

Blood Born Pathogens (for placenta work) (2017)

ICEA trained postpartum (I do not follow scope at all) (2015)

Dona trained doula (I'm opposed to their premises,) (2013)

Memberships and affiliations

Radical Birth-Keeper forum, FBS

Mother-child dyad activist, by me!

Reproductive Justice Advocate

Radical feminist

I worship and give thanks daily to the Divine Mother, the 4 directions, and Water, Earth, Air, Fire.

Village Prenatals, just started them here!



Service introduction

MY OFFERING TO YOU! 1- Homebirth preparation 2- Presence at your wild birth 3- Post-birth support. -All of homebirth preparation (as a stand alone service is $800) is included here! - We meet up to 6 times while you're pregnant. -When called, I come to your birth space to support you with the knowing that you are the authority. -Post birth we connect up to 7 hours in the first few weeks. You're in full power and authority of: -yourself -your birth process -your child. I'm responsible TO you, not FOR you. You're safe in your home or another place outside of the hospital. Your partner, myself, and anyone else present know you are the only authority here. If/when you invite me to your birth space, I come to you. I may: -provide food and water -offer physical and emotional comfort -help reground you -offer soft words of encouragement -clear the clutter -remind others of your sovereignty -keep a full focus on the energy and shift it -state my opinion if you ask me -clean up. I may be one room away, and if and when you call, I come to you. When your baby is born, it's you and baby: sacred. After your birth I stay until you and baby are tucked in and fed. I completed the Radical Birth Keeper School by Freebirth Society summer of 2020. My birth experience, intuition, and wise-woman honesty are here for you. My role is 100% a "keeper of birth" and so 100% NON medical. I'd love to walk with you! DOULA, BIRTH COACH, BIRTH TRAUMA DEBRIEF, AND HOMEBIRTH PREP packages are also on my website. Yours, Martha

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