Martha Girard-Wasserman

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
9 years of experience
About me

I'm a birth-keeper. I walk with women in responsibility TO, not for them. I exalt women as they open for fertility, pregnancy, birth, and mothering from a place of self trust.


Radical Birth-Keeper, Freebirth Society (2020)

Certification and training

Doula Certified, Well Rounded (2016)

Certified Hypno doula, Hypnobabies (2016)

Reiki, II (2010)

PNYI (2018)

Spinning Babies (2017)

Breastfeeding support certified (2017)

Freebirth Study Course (2018)

Blood Mysteries School (2022)

Innate Traditions, Rachelle Garcia (2021)

Cardiac Echo Tech (expired) (2005)

CPR (2018)

Karen Strange, basics of nnr (2021)

Blood Born Pathogens (for placenta work) (2017)

Holistic Midwifery, Whapio at the Matrona Foundation (2023)

Memberships and affiliations

Radical Birth-Keeper forum, FBS

Mother-child dyad activist, by me!

Reproductive Justice Advocate

Radical feminist

I worship and give thanks daily to the Divine Mother, the 4 directions, and Water, Earth, Air, Fire.



Service introduction

MY OFFERINGS TO YOU! 1- Freebirth preparation 2-Birth-keeper at your homebirth 3- Radical postpartum support 4-Birth trauma debrief 5-Women's circles + Village Prenatals BIRTH-KEEPER: We connect during your conception journey or during your pregnancy. and build a relationship of trust. All of Freebirth prep. is included plus I'm at your birth as an experienced birth witness, intuitive guide, and a woman who exalts you during your transformation. Everyone at your birth knows that you, the birthing woman, are the authority. Up to 7 hours postpartum support included. This is a radical paradigm shift into sovereign birth and mothering, entirely free from the medical model. Let's connect. Yours, Martha

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