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Mary Sanker
Mental Health Professional
Dover, New Hampshire
10 years of experience
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About me

Mary is a mother, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist, and creator of Be. Counseling, LLC a place where women return home to themselves. Mary offers mother-centered care from blending holistic/traditional practices with clinical knowledge to support individuals on their journey back into themselves. Mary offers individual psychotherapy, postpartum planning for the whole family, and group coaching where she walks women from a place of martyrdom to owning their power.


Master of Psychology (2011)

Certification and training

Innate Postpartum Care Certified Practictioner (2021)

Advanced Maternal Age Anger Management Anxiety Attachment problems Birth Trauma Codependency Issues Grief Counseling Mental Health Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Perinatal Mood Disorders Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum Therapy Relationship Issues Reproductive Mental Health Self-Actualization Self-Compassion Stress Management Telehealth


Service introduction

Just like when you hit puberty you had to navigate through a few awkward years, Motherhood can often feel the same. The journey to becoming a mother, the journey of birth, the raw real time after birth and the years that follow are a place where we can become misunderstood. Sometimes it presents as anxiety, anger, overwhelm or a feeling of being lost in a rat race of sleep schedules, diaper changes and missed friendship/partner connections. Mary tailors therapy to each person so that they can remove the blocks that keep them from living a full embodied life. Mary works with individuals via telehealth or in person located in New Hampshire. Mary also runs an online moms group for all moms located anywhere with internet access.

Individual Therapy Package
My rate for each session is $175.00 for 55 minute sessions. I offer a package of 5 therapy sessions for $700.00 which discounts each session to $140.00 (or you could think of it as one "free session". This is available to all clients after their first appointment. The first time a package is purchased it is to be used for weekly appointments. Following the first 5 weeks (6 if you include the intake) appointments can be spread out as indicated by clinical need.
USD Per hour
Group Coching
I run a 6 week group coaching program that is designed to help you create a road map for mothering. It is a mix of nervous system regulation skills, creating connection, learning communication skills and uncovering your new identity in motherhood. The group is open to moms of little little (0-3 years)
USD Flat rate
Upcoming events
The New Mom Club
Online event
Motherhood is not the problem. You love being a mom and you also feel constantly overwhelmed, under-resourced, and mentally drained. It is this mismatch between our desires and our current needs to function that creates “the problem”- the elusive thing that is always off. So let’s get to work. I've created a place and a system to help you connect with other mothers. Learn about what your mind and body are going through during the postpartum period. Ask the questions with people willing to admit to you that sometimes the answer is "no one knows" and create your own road map for how you will navigate these awkward years of motherhood. Read more at:
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Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

Mary was so helpful to my wife and in return to me. Becoming parents rocked our world. We needed help and understanding. Mary was able to give us both information and care as we navigated the changes in our family. I am so thankful my wife completed Mary's New Mom Club as I saw it give her more confidence.

- Stephen T.


There have been countless times where Mary has been able to help me work through struggles i have had as a new mom. From holding space for me after sleep struggles to simply giving me permission to adjust expectations or take care of me, without her in my corner I am certain that my postpartum journey would have been vastly different - and for her support I am SO thankful.

- Gaylemarie K.


Mary is a delight to work with. She holds a safe space and gives real action to get out of your head and into your body. Being a new mom can feel so disorienting and Mary provides a grounding presence to move forward through this transition with confidence.

- Alyssa M.