Mary Schuster
Offers virtual services
Physical Therapist
Austin, Texas
4 years of experience
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About me

Here to help you overcome pregnancy pains, recover postpartum, and decrease pelvic pain and bladder symptoms so you can get back to doing what you love! I utilize an integrative and holistic approach blending Eastern and Western medicine practices to help you heal the mind, body and spirit in tandem.


Doctor of Physical Therapy (2019)

Certification and training

Pelvic Floor Trained (2019)

Obstetric Physical Therapy Trained (2020)

Memberships and affiliations

American Physical Therapy Association

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Pelvic Floor Therapy Pelvic Pain Postpartum Care Treatment for Pelvic Organ Prolapse


Service introduction

Pelvic floor physical therapy, in-person, mobile at home visits and virtual visits from anywhere. Private Pilates sessions. Spiritual wellness sessions including intuitive reading, astrology, energy healing.