McKenzie Cornilsen
Lactation Consultant
Davenport, Iowa
5 years of experience
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About me

Certified Lactation Counselor, Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula The strength of the woman's mind and body amazes me. My passion is empowering women, allowing their strengths to shine, and supporting their needs while counseling them through their desired journey. ​ Growing, birthing, and sustaining a tiny human is hard work! Maybe you are a first-time mom hoping to learn the best birth or breastfeeding techniques. Or perhaps, you already have children and need support and ideas to get you through the next hurdle. Each journey is unique and has various twists and turns, many of which I have observed or experienced firsthand. I can provide you with the empowerment, support, and the guidance you need in these very cherished moments. As a mom, I understand these worries and questions. I was once in your shoes. I was the mom hoping for a birth experience that was different from my first, one that allowed my voice to be heard, and to be informed in my choices. I was the mom who struggled to nurse my new baby each day due to a painful latch, worried it wouldn't improve. These struggles became passion. I educated myself and became a doula and lactation counselor, which has allowed me to proactively support other moms on their journey.


Bachelors (2011)

Certification and training

Birth & Bereavement Doula, StillBirthday (2018)

Lactation Counselor, ALPP (2021)



Service introduction

LACTATION COUNSELING A complimentary phone consultation prior to hiring my services. ​ Complete a health & birth history Visual examination of mother & baby's anatomy. Observe a feeding. Make recommendations to mother to assist in improvements, as needed. Write a comprehensive care plan with mother to set her & baby up for success. ​ ​Services Include, but are not limited to the following: Milk supply concerns Nipple pain or breast pain Difficulty latching "latch issues" Slow weight gain Pumping and storing milk Weaning Pre-term and near-term babies Adopted babies Multiples Feeding “constantly” or “for a long time” Using bottles, and you want to get rid of them DOULA SERVICES A complimentary consultation with you and your birth companion. A visit to meet your medical provider, as well as any friends/family attending the birth. (2) prenatal visits to discuss goals and wishes for the birth, hopes, and concerns you may have, and plan how we can best work together to create a positive birth experience. Constant phone and email availability for any questions or concerns. On call availability from 37 weeks-42 weeks (If you go into labor prior to 37 weeks, I will make every possible effort to be there. However, if I cannot attend, a backup doula will be recommended and/or provided. Continuous support during labor and delivery. I will provide several comfort measures, including touch techniques (effleurage, counter pressure, double hip squeeze, kneading massage), relaxation techniques and vocalization, warm and cold methods, along with verbal encouragement. I will be your primary support person or assist your partner in supporting you. Accompany you for at least 2 hours after birth to help establish breastfeeding and any other assistance you may need. 2 postpartum visits (1 day and 1 week as desired by the client) to discuss your birth experience and help with any other needed adjustments.