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About me

I am Megan Robert (pronounced row-BERT), owner of After the Stork, creator and host of the After the Stork Podcast: Infant & Toddler Sleep with Megan Robert, and Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant, Former Postpartum Doula, and Former Nanny. I guide parents to confidently achieve safe & quality sleep for their napping children through virtual consultations, customized sleep plans and other resources, and support. Here is a brief overview of my Stork Philosophy. For a more in depth dive, visit First and foremost, no parent should be shamed for striving to have a child who sleeps well. Second, well-fed and well-rested can coexist! Sleep training can happen while keeping night feedings. Third, building a strong sleep foundation is more than just choosing a sleep training method. It involves what I call ESRA+. ESRA+ involves the five components I evaluate and consider with every single sleep plan. Fourth, with sleep training, you have options and you are not going to damage your child. Aka, “cry it out” is not the only option when it comes to sleep training. But it is also not something that will damage your child if you choose it. We will take your parenting preferences, your child's temperament and age, and your specific situation into consideration when deciding your type of response during sleep. Fifth, your child is human. For humans, change takes time and can be challenging. And for an overtired child who doesn’t yet understand or want the changes, protesting may occur. Hence, it is important that you, as a parent, trust in the process, believe in your child’s abilities, and keep a positive mindset while also setting realistic expectations.


Bachelor of Science in Biology with Minor in Mathematics, Missouri State University (2011)

Certification and training

Child Sleep Consulting Certification, Family Sleep Institute (2018)

Postpartum Doula, ProDoula (2015)

Reducing the Risk of SIDS and SUID in Early Education and Child Care (2018)

Basics of Lactation Management Complete Nursing (2018)

Intersection of Sleep Training and Breastfeeding Class (2020)

Safe Care Consulting: Strengthening Partnerships with Childcare Providers (2020)

Hand in Hand: Growing Together Everyday, Development Support Planning (2021)

Memberships and affiliations

Sleep Coach Collective, Child Sleep Institute

Family Sleep Institute

Peninsula Maternal Mental Health Coalition of Postpartum Support Virginia

#NormalizeSafeSleep Movement with Safe Infant Sleep

Safe Sleep Ambassador with Cribs for Kids

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Sleep Consultant


Service introduction

I support expecting parents and parents of newborns, infants, and toddlers through the education and power of sleep. Parents who desire a healthy and happy child with a predictable schedule that permits time for things like self-care and date nights, allows planning, and provides an overall well-rested and thriving family! I support parents who want to be proactive with their child’s sleep by creating a safe and strong sleep foundation for their newborn or creating a plan of action to guide their infant or toddler through milestones such as dropping naps, the transition from crib to big kid bed, a move, a vacation, the welcoming of a new sibling. I also support those who have a child struggling with sleep and desire to make a change. Issues such as short/no naps, requiring long bouts of rocking or feeding or some other form of external assistance to sleep, bedtime struggles, preschool procrastination, frequent night wakings, early rising.

FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call A 15-minute session to discuss your situation and the Stork process. Unsure which service you need? On the fence about hiring an expert? Need to talk through any fears or concerns? Or perhaps you are ready to discuss a one-on-one service ASAP! Well, those questions are for what this session is intended to answer. This brief session is to chat about your sleep struggles and/or goals to decide which service is best for you and whether or not we are a good fit together in your sleep journey.
USD Flat rate
Newborn Sleep Packages
​ These services are for expecting parents, parents of newborns, and anyone looking for a great Baby Shower gift! All packages include a sixty minute virtual consultation to discuss the following: guidelines for safe sleep practices, newborn sleep development, what to expect during the newborn phase, strategies to build a strong sleep foundation over time. They also include a customized Sleep Plan and a profile for each child on the Daily Connect app for logging. ​Packages start at $197. The cost changes based on desired level of support.
USD Flat rate
Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultation & Support For children five months adjusted age and older, the following is included with this sleep service.​ > Evaluation of your child's sleep environment, schedule, routines, and other variables that contribute to sleep. > 60-Minute virtual Zoom consultation to discuss suggested adjustments based on the evaluation and options for your level of involvement with help choosing based on your comfort level and your child's temperament. > Customized sleep plan and strategy to address the individual needs of your child, created by me based on our discussion during the consultation. > Daily Connect profile to log your child's sleep. > Daily text and email support with phone calls as needed to help you implement the plan correctly, provide reassurance when needed, advise when troubleshooting, answer any questions you might have, and cheer you on to become a sleep pro for your baby. > Scheduled 15-minute phone call at the end of our time together to go over what to expect in the future and answer any questions you may regarding sleep going forward. Packages start at $397. The cost changes based on desired duration of support. A free 15-minute discovery session is required prior to purchasing any sleep training package.
USD Flat rate
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