Melinda Delisle

Roswell, Georgia
5 years of experience
About me

I work with pregnant people who experience pregnancy as a sea of confusion and are desperately seeking clarity. I guide them through understanding their options to have the pregnancy and birth experience that is right for them - all while feeling more energetic and confident. No mommy-shaming on my watch! Though my formal training in nutrition is recent, I began researching the impact of nutrition and lifestyle factors on pregnancy in 1999 with my own pregnancies. My track record of reducing preterm births and pregnancy complications is a direct result of teaching evidence-based prenatal nutrition to my pregnant clients.


Master of Science in Human Nutrition (2020)

Certification and training

Lamaze Certified Chilbdirth Educator (2006)

Bradley MEthod Certified Childbirth Educator (no longer affiliated) (2001)

Memberships and affiliations

Lamaze International

American Nutrition Association

American Society for Nutrition

The Institute for Functional Medicine

Advanced Maternal Age Allergies Evidence-Based Care Health Coach Healthy Eating High-Risk Pregnancy Mindfulness Motivational Interviewing Multiples Nutritional Counseling Perinatal Mood Disorders Preconception Pregnancy Complications Recurrent Miscarriages Relaxation Techniques Self-Compassion Stress Management Well-Woman Care


Service introduction

As a Clinical Nutritionist, Healthy Pregnancy Coach, and Certified Research Nerd (haha!) – I specialize in examining how your body is working to determine where it may need support (nutritional or lifestyle) to help you have the best pregnancy possible. Why have a nutritionist & pregnancy coach alongside your OB or midwife? It’s a great partnership, really. Your doctor or midwife helps you and your baby stay safe by monitoring your pregnancy and any problems that might come up, while I support you in lowering your risk of discomforts & problems. I would love to chat more about how I might be able to help you!

My Healthiest Pregnancy Group Coaching
Everyone knows nutrition and lifestyle habits are important during pregnancy. You want to stay as healthy as you can and give your baby a great start. Everyone seems to have something to say, and some of it conflicts! The amount of advice can be overwhelming! What many people don't know is that the most important prenatal nutrition and lifestyle habits during pregnancy are the ones most important for YOUR situation. A blog post, IG feed, or other general advice can't help you pinpoint which changes are likely to make the biggest impact for you and your baby. That requires an expert's individualized recommendations. In this program, you will have the benefit of a personal nutritionist and pregnancy expert (Me!), the camaraderie of fellow pregnant parents, and a weekly support meetup - for a fraction of the cost of private sessions. In this 12-week group program, you will: Understand how to best support what's happening in your specific pregnancy, without needing to follow a hundred recommendations. Belong to a nurturing community of like-minded pregnant mothers, all going through similar struggles and situations! Improve comfort by addressing pregnancy symptoms early with expert support. Increase confidence that you are giving you & your baby the best support you can. When you enroll, you will get access to: 1-on-1 Health Interview to learn about your specific health, pregnancy, and lifestyle needs. 1-on-1 Findings & Plan session to customize your recommendations to support your healthiest pregnancy. Weekly group sessions to help you adapt your health habits to your changing pregnancy, as well as address general pregnancy questions or symptoms that may come up. Tuesdays @ 8 pm Eastern Group chat for questions and discussion between sessions. Tools for tracking your nutrition, exercise, and habits to help support your healthiest pregnancy. BEFORE ENROLLING: Set up a 20-min chat to ensure the group is a good fit:
USD Flat rate
Optimizing Pregnancy Package
Short-term support for implementing lasting lifestyle changes. Who Is This For? This package is best suited for people who would like short-term (2-4 months) support for implementing lifestyle changes. This works well for extra support for those with generally healthy habits that they want to improve as well as those with special situations such as gestational diabetes or hyperemesis, adjusting nutrition and lifestyle habits for pregnancy with a chronic condition, or preparing for pregnancy. ***This package is also suitable for people who are not pregnant or are trying to conceive.*** Sessions Included: --Review of existing lab results, with recommendations for additional labs, if indicated.* --Initial Health Interview (about 1 hour) - Please allow a minimum of 6 hours after returning completed forms and lab results before this appointment. --Findings & Initial Plan Session (30-45 minutes) - Typically 5-7 days after the initial appointment. --A summary of recommendations & proposed care plan for you to share with your doctor or midwife. --Short consultation with your doctor or midwife, if both you and they desire that we collaborate on your care. --5 Check-In Sessions (20-25 minutes) - Follow-up sessions usually scheduled 2 to 4 weeks apart. --As-Needed Q&A Support - During the time that we are working together, you can also email/call/text me (within reason, lol!) with specific questions about your pregnancy nutrition, prenatal tests, or any part of the ROADS. I don’t put a limit on these up front because I don’t want you to hesitate to contact me if you need support. If the amount of as-needed support starts getting out of hand, I will let you know. *Additional labs have an additional cost. Some of these labs may be covered by your insurance if requested by your OB/midwife. Review of results of any additional recommended labs is included. Additional check-in appointments may be purchased separately.
USD Flat rate
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