Mikhaila Sailor
Registered Dietitian
Fort Wayne, Indiana
5 years of experience
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About me

Hi, I am Mikhaila! I am a Registered Dietitian and I work with moms to get their picky kids to try new foods and increase variety in their diet. I offer 1:1 coaching to help get your picky eater back on track! Can't wait to chat soon!


Bachelor of Science, Purdue University (2017)

Dietitian Health Coach Healthy Eating Nutritional Counseling Toddlers


Service introduction

Currently I am offering 1:1 personalized coaching in my Picky to Positive Mealtimes Program so that you can get the best help with your picky eater and start focusing on the positive mealtime experiences instead of the picky ones! With 1:1 coaching, you get to choose if we meet weekly or biweekly for a minimum of three months. This program is an affordable investment and I offer payment plans. I do not accept insurance at this time.