Monica Frydach
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Physical Therapist
Germantown, Wisconsin
9 years of experience
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About me

Hi, I’m Dr. Monica. I have been practicing physical therapy for nearly 10 years with a specialization in pregnancy, postpartum, and pelvic wellness. I have worked with countless women preconception, during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. I believe in total body wellness and feel that we can not treat our physical body system without also addressing our mental, emotional, and nutritional health. I am blessed with 3 young children and live with my husband just outside of Milwaukee, WI. My passions include fitness, the outdoors, running, nutrition, and general wellness.


Doctor of Physical Therapy (2013)

Certification and training

Advance Training in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy (2020)

Certified Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist (2022)

Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapist (2018)

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy


Service introduction

Offering specialized in person physical therapy or virtual pelvic wellness services. Uniquely curated and highly skilled 1:1 care provided. Services include: Prenatal fitness; Pregnancy low back pain, pubic symphysis pain, SI pain, & more; Neck, back, shoulder pain; Labor and birth prep; C-section/ scar mobility and healing; Pelvic organ prolapse; Stress/urge incontinence; Diastasis recti healing; Postpartum return to exercise; General fitness; And more

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