Monique Bulette
Physical Therapist
Dallas, Texas
4 years of experience
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About me

Latched provides breastfeeding friendly physical therapy for babies and mamas. Many of us never put much thought into how we would feed our babies. However, for many babies and mamas (like my little one and me), breastfeeding can come with lots of new challenges. Some of these challenges may arise from: - Infant being overwhelmed with new environment (state regulation) - Movement restrictions during pregnancy - Difficult birth - Tethered oral tissues (such as lip and tongue ties) - Decreased range of motion (such as torticollis) - Strength imbalances - Postural changes - Increased tension or stiffness - Reflexive responses The good news, therapy can help address these concerns!


Doctor of Physical Therapy (2018)


English, Spanish

Service introduction

Infant Concerns We can help your baby adapt to their new environment, improve range of motion, strength, coordination as well as address issues developed during pregnancy, delivery or early postpartum. Mama Concerns Let’s address positioning, modifying your movements postpartum, work on pain and stress management, and begin working on healing your body after birth. Purposeful play Does your baby hate tummy time? Let us help take that stress away. We will work together to help you and your baby make play intentional and fun!