Neena Brunngraeber
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Marquette, Michigan
4 years of experience
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About me

Hi, I’m Neena! I believe the postpartum period is a sacred time in which we are meant to honor and respect the healing and transformation that takes place when welcoming a new life. You deserve to be loved and supported during this intense transition. I’m deeply rooted in my intuition and heart, offering practical and whole-being nourishment to those I serve. Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual/energetic needs will be met, leaving you empowered and informed as you navigate this new chapter of your life.

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Service introduction

A postpartum doula specifically serves families after birth. This can be moments after birth or weeks following - whatever the family feels is best for them. Postpartum doulas perform a long list of services for the families they serve with each experience tailored to the individual family’s needs. My offerings to you include, yet are not limited to: - Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual/energetic-bodied support - Holistic approach to birth healing - Birth debriefing and processing - Preparing nutritious meals - Knowledge and support of holistic baby-led sleep and development - Knowledge and hands-on support with baby care - Feeding support - Light housekeeping - Sibling care - Baby-wearing support and education - Referrals to community resources and providers I offer these services through single-visit, week-long, and virtual packages that may be tailored to your needs.

Doula for a Day (In-Home Support)
This is a single-day option for families who may not want to commit to weeklong packages. First, a 1 hour virtual consult to discuss your needs. Then, a 4 hour in-home appointment. Finally, phone, text, email, and MarcoPolo support for 1 week following your appointment.
USD Flat rate
Postpartum Planning (Virtual Support)
This package is a virtual option for those who are simply seeking support and guidance as they plan for a transcending postpartum period. First, a 2 hour video chat with me in which we deep dive into the support you’ll need following baby’s arrival, create a plan to ensure you receive that support, and discuss any other questions you may have regarding the transition into parenthood. Next, I will send you a detailed email outlining the conversation and plan. Finally, you will have full-access support (via phone, email, text or MarcoPolo) for 2 weeks following our conversation to troubleshoot any other worries/questions that may come up as you prepare for baby.
USD Flat rate
Little Dipper (In-Home Support)
50 hours for 2-4 weeks All in-home packages include: - 1 prenatal planning session via Zoom Unlimited support via phone, email, text, and MarcoPolo - Availability the first few hours after birth Hours of operation: 7am – 1am Two-hour minimum for day shifts. Five hour minimum for night shifts. Night shifts: any time after 5pm. Additional hours: $30/hour
USD Flat rate
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