Peta Williams
Mental Health Professional
Vero Beach, Florida
8 years of experience
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About me

Instead of unintentionally boring you with all my credentials and training, I wanted to switch things up a bit and be transparent. First and foremost, I identify as a woman of color, a mother, and wife. I acquired licensure to counsel in the state of Florida and through personal experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, and miscarriage was steered in the direction of becoming a Perinatal Mental Health Trained Counselor. I strongly believe that my experiences and passion for mental health led me to this field of working with mothers and providing them with the help and support I longed to have when I was in need. My training as a Perinatal Mental Health Counselor has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to serve mothers on their journey to conception, pregnancy, miscarriages, childbirth and beyond. The women of the world are life sources and nurturers, they deserve to be heard, and supported. They deserve to be well. As a woman of color, mother, wife and counselor, I am here to empower all women to believe they are worthy of care and wellness is possible. It’s time to say “Yes” to wellness. Contact us today to set up your appointment. Help is only a click away.


Master of Science (2017)

Certification and training

Perinatal Mental Health Trained (2020)

Mental Health


Accepted insurances
Aetna Cigna UnitedHealthcare
Service introduction

Yéyo is the Maasai word for mother. Therefore the foundation of our philosophy is rooted in providing specialized services dedicated to the treatment and maintenance of a mother’s well-being. Mothers deserve trained professionals that are equipped with the knowledge and skills to ensure that their physical and psychological needs are being met. We are driven by the knowledge that a mother’s well being is of the utmost importance as it is directly linked to fetal and infant brain development. Yéyo Perinatal Mental Health Counseling and Postpartum Doula Services is on a mission to normalize the required support for a mother’s well-being by spreading awareness, advocating for pristine care, and providing exceptional service to our valued clients of women, mothers and their loved ones.

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