Rebecca Jahnigen
Cincinnati, Ohio
5 years of experience
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About me

Rebecca is honest, empathetic, and passionate about providing the right kind of support to people on their individual pregnancy and childbirth journey. It is important to her that you feel empowered and prepared emotionally and physically for your birth. Rebecca is committed to being with you to help transcend any fear, worry, or stress you may have surrounding pregnancy and childbirth - and to replace those feelings with confidence, calm, and readiness. Rebecca lives in Blue Ash with her husband, Joe, and son, Oliver along with their family dog, Penny. In her free time, Rebecca loves to cook food and entertain friends and family. She enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing, and yoga. She loves seeing live music, traveling with her family, and sitting around a campfire. Rebecca is also a Direct Care Volunteer with Hospice of Cincinnati, working one on one with patients, caregivers, and families. She is currently bridging birth and bereavement doula practices as a way to provide companionship and a comforting presence to a larger community. Rebecca is a certified Birth Doula through Childbirth International (CBI) and trained by DONA International and CBI.


Bachelor of Arts, Gender and Women's Studies, University of Cincinnati OH (2006)

Certification and training

Birth Doula Certification, DONA (2008)

Birth Doula Certification, Childbirth International (2022)

End of Life Proficiency Badge, NEDA (2022)

Direct Contact Volunteer Training, Hospice of CIncinnati (2021)

Birth Doula Birth Support


Service introduction

Please feel free to reach out to schedule a chat with Rebecca to get to know one another, talk about your plans for birth, and chat about how she can support you through your pregnancy. Every person deserves the care of a Doula through their life's journey from conception through the end of life. If you have any questions about the cost of services and the packages she offers, please reach out.

Ratings and reviews
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I started working with Becca pretty early in my first trimester. I was a nervous wreck because I had miscarried my pregnancy prior. Best decision I made for myself and my baby! Becca's support brought an ease and confidence to the table that allowed me to move through my pregnancy and actually enjoy it! I labored for 40 hours and in that time period had to make a lot of decisions. Rebecca made sure I understood and was making the best choices for me throughout it all. My daughter is now 10 weeks old and I am still receiving wellness checks and support! I'd 100% recommended Becca to any excepting moms !!

- Tiffany M.


Rebecca was absolutely perfect! She was so supportive for both me and Jacob! She helped me stick to my birth plan when it got hard and I wanted to quit. She literally held me up while I gave birth. She vibed so well with us and it was so special to have her as part of our team. She has been supportive after birth, helping me with any concerns and questions. She has such a positive personality. Jacob and I are so glad we had her support. My labor could not have gone any better.

- Marisa H.