Ro Huntriss

London, England
12 years of experience
About me

Hello, I am Ro Huntriss, consultant dietitian and founder of Fertility Dietitian UK. I have extensive experience working in the NHS followed by a career in private practice and commercial business. I have a Bachelor's degree in Food Studies and Nutrition, a Master's degree in Advanced Nutrition and a further Master's degree in Clinical Research. Diet and lifestyle are very powerful pieces of the fertility puzzle for both men and women. Our aim is to provide you with fertility nutrition advice, based on the latest scientific research, that you can trust. Whether you have been on trying to conceive for a while or whether you are just beginning your journey, making the right changes can make a huge difference. We are here to support and guide you to make those changes in a way that works for you. Ro is one of the leading Specialist Fertility Dietitians in the UK and is a founding member of the Maternal and Fertility Nutrition Specialist Group of the British Dietetic Association. Lead Nutritionist Claire Attwood is another core member of the team. Claire holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Physiology and a Master's degree in Human Nutrition. Claire is a Specialist Fertility Nutritionist, is a registered nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition and has worked alongside Ro to create our courses and other educational resources.


Bachelor of Science Food Studies and Nutrition (2009)

Master of Science Advanced Nutrition (2014)

Master of Research Clinical Research (2016)

Certification and training

Registered Dietitian (2011)

Dietitian Infertility In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Nutritional Counseling


Service introduction

We are here to support you on your fertility and pregnancy journey. Making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle can have a strong influence on egg quality, semen parameters and your chances of conception. Our services guide you through how to do this in a way that works for you and for your personal situation and goals. All of our services are backed by the latest scientific research. We offer 1-1 private consultations and dietary support for women, men and couples in our virtual clinic. Our tailored guides and meal plans give you all the information you need, to make the right changes at the right time for your situation. We cover PCOS. weight gain sperm health and more.

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