Roxana Dan
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Sleep Coach
Northampton, England
2 years of experience
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About me

I am Roxana, mum of 2 kids under 3 and suffered from sleep deprivation. Luckily my story has a happy ending because I made the choice to find a solution for my problem. I help parents eliminate the bedtime stress, stop waking up a million times a night, and quit snapping at their children all day because they're sleep deprived. I get to help parents create a stress-free sleep routine and see their kids thrive. I love what I do and the impact I have on families and I provide high quality support so everyone’s story to have a happy ending just like mine.

Certification and training

Sensitive Sleep Consultant (2022)

Sleep Consultant


Service introduction

I am supporting relationship between child and parents, I help you eliminate bedtime stress. My approach is sensitive and respectful to all parenting styles. I work with kids between 0-5 years ❌CIO

Customized Sleep Plan
2 weeks of 1:1 support 60 minute call to discuss sleep plan M-Su 8am-8pm Messaging Support 30 minute check-in call 30 minute exit call after the 2-weeks Resources/Documents to best support your sleep journey
GBP Flat rate
Ask me anything
60 minutes call This is a good fit for families that have already established healthy sleep habits for their children, but they still have questions about sleep for example: solution for early rising.
GBP Flat rate
Ratings and reviews
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I will try to keep it short, but bear with me. I’m the type of mum that researches a lot and I have been reading about baby sleep since my little one was born. I have done everything that you can find in the books (minus the cio method which I don’t agree with). So dark room, white noise, sleep routine, awake windows, swaddle, all the good stuff. But (there is a ‘but’ of course), I was missing something and I didn’t know. I bought one of the generic sleep training courses from someone I was following on Instagram which of course didn’t work because how can that be specific for my little one? I stumbled across Roxana and I said I need to give it a try as my little one (2yo toddler at this point) started to refuse his nap which was causing an awful afternoon (overtired toddler - not something I want anyone to experience). Roxana made some very small changes which I would never think of, and supported me and my little one throughout the whole ‘process’. I am not saying it happened overnight, but with minimal crying involved my little one managed to get back on his schedule and fall asleep all by himself. That’s what I call magic! With all that being said, I recommend Roxana (Sweet Sleep) with all my heart for a happy and rested baby/toddler and parent/caregiver.

- Alexandra N.