Sarah Baker
Childbirth Educator
Chicago, Illinois
12 years of experience
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About me

Sarah Baker is a mom of two little boys (one being a hypnobirthing baby), Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator, Internationally Accredited Meditation Teacher, Postpartum Doula and Holistic Health Specialist. Similar to you, Sarah wanted to feel prepared, confident and calm during her labor, no matter what twist or turn took place. Finding a childbirth education class that provided not only in-depth knowledge on everything that goes down during labor, but proven methods that help you feel calm, confident and empowered (that did not consist of just pain management interventions that hospitals offer), was something that Sarah had a hard time finding in the Chicagoland area. Sarah started Asana Mama to provide parents in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs an incredibly engaged, premier Childbirth classes, both private sessions and group classes: (currently being held completely remotely). Sarah brings almost a decade of practicing as a Holistic Health and meditation specialist with a heavy emphasis on helping women navigating preconception, pregnancy and postpartum.

Certification and training

Postpartum Doula, CAPPA (2018)

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, HypnoBirthing Institute (2020)

Integrative Nutrition Consultant & Health Coach, IIN (2013)

Internationally Accredited and Certified meditation teacher: Thought Transformation Institute (2020)

Internationally Accredited and Certified Holistic Mindset Coach: Thought Transformation Institute (2020)

EFT Practitioner: Graham Nicholls, The Priority Academy (2021)

Certified in plant based nutrition through T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (2014)

Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner & Certified Reiki Master (2020)

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Service introduction

Childbirth 101 4 hours, group class, VIRTUAL This childbirth class covers everything you need to know about giving birth! Whether you are looking to have an unmedicated birth, hospital birth, or exploring birth center options, you will understand what all of your options are and how to navigate every phase of labor. Class topics include understanding the various phases of labor, what to expect when you arrive at the hospital or birthing center, unmedicated tactics to navigate birth and medicated options, understanding interventions and how to ensure informed consent, relaxation methods and postpartum care/breastfeeding tips.