Sarah Gulke
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Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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About me

My passion is to help women believe again in the beautifully designed partnership between their own and baby’s bodies to achieve the miracle of birth. Whatever challenges arise in the process, Tulip Doula Services promises to give calm, creative, and uplifting care to both mother and partner. Whether prenatal, during labor, or postpartum, I will provide mothers with information and resources to the best of my ability so that they may be confident, energized, and proud of their decisions.

Certification and training

DONA International (2019)



Service introduction

As a certified doula, I offer a free consultation, up to two prenatal visits, phone and text support leading up to the birth, in person labor support within an hour of requesting my assistance, and finally a postpartum visit to process the birth experience and give a baby gift. Labor support is my passion and joy. I can't wait to share this wonderful birthday with you!

Doula Package 1
(Payment plans are available on an individual basis) Free/no-strings-attached consultation at coffee shop of your choice in Sheboygan (coffee is on me!) or library 1 prenatal visit where we go over the following: your history and experiences in pregnancy and birth, what to expect from me, what to expect during labor and birth, birth planning outline, explanation of comfort measures/techniques, a peek inside my doula bag, letter of agreement signing, $200 non-refundable retainer fee, and anything you’d like to share with me about this exciting stepping stone of life! Text/email support at any time, after hiring me Constant present care from within the hour you ask me to assist you in labor until after delivery (we can discuss the length you would like me to stay after delivery) List of area resources to make your transition to extra-uterine parenting as smooth as possible (support is key in all phases of life :) ) 1 Postpartum visit where I check in for a visit to give you a gift and process the birth with you The joy of knowing that 4% of the doula fee will go to your favorite mission
USD Flat rate
Doula Package 2
All services included in package one, in addition to the following: Two scheduled 2.5 hour visits (within three weeks after the birth) designated for you to nap, go on a date with your partner, shower, run errands, etc. while I tend to baby and siblings. A written birth story, chronologically documenting all the events during labor/delivery plus the dear moments you may forget as days go by (all basic documentation, sweet quotes of encouragement from your partner/children, moments of victory, etc) You’re going to love having this to cherish always! An additional prenatal visit where we practice comfort measures, positions, and breathing techniques you’d like to try in labor Partner expectations worksheet regarding pregnancy, labor, and postpartum
USD Flat rate
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