Sarah Herbein
Offers virtual services
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Morganton, North Carolina
1 years of experience
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About me

Hello! I'm Sarah, and I am completing my Postpartum Doula Certification through Embodied Doula Trainings. I believe that holistic support for the entire family, not just physical care of the baby, is vital during the postpartum period. I have deep respect for both traditional knowledge and modern science, and utilize both in my services. I am a NICU mom with two kids, and I enjoy knitting, reading, and taking walks in the woods.


Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, College of Charleston (2011)

Certification and training

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Advocate (2022)

Postpartum Doula Care Loss and Bereavement Doula

English, Spanish

Service introduction

I provide three main types of services. For in-person care, I come to your house, and we start my shift by discussing about your priorities and goals. Every day I'm with your family will look a bit different as the needs of you and baby change. Support may include troubleshooting the nursing relationship, baby care while parents nap or shower, playing with older siblings, light housework, listening to the birth story, recommending products or providers, prepping meals and snacks, taking baby for a walk, etc. I also offer text/email support for those who will have plenty of physical support but would like to have a reliable resource for any questions or concerns that come up along the way. The last option is video support. Usually once a week I have an hour-long video call with the family to talk about what is or isn't working, explore and educate about their options, make plans for upcoming phases, etc.

Daytime In-person Postpartum Care
During, the "fourth trimester", the whole family could use some extra care and nurturing. This includes care between 6am and 6pm with a 3 hour minimum per shift. You can schedule as little as one visit (shortly after baby arrives, for example), or you may schedule recurring shifts. Access to my library of digital resources is included.
USD Per hour
Overnight In-person Postpartum Care
We all know new parents could use some more sleep! With a minimum of 8 hours per shift, overnight care is between 6pm and 6am. You can schedule a single overnight shift or set up regular visits. In-person services include access to my library of digital resources.
USD Per hour
Unlimited Text/Email Support
Have your own personal doula encyclopedia-on-call for a whole month! There is no limit to the number of questions, so ask away. This also includes access to my library of digital resources.
USD Flat rate
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