Sarah McDonald

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Spokane, Washington
5 years of experience
About me

Hello there! My name is Sarah and I am a holistic, mind-body focused certified Birth Doula in Spokane, WA. I grew up with a mom who worked in labor and delivery for most of my early childhood and was obsessed with hearing the birth stories of her patients. I learned what a doula was in 2015 and have since believed deep in my soul that becoming a doula is part of my life calling, my destiny, my fate…whatever you want to call it. I am deeply passionate about this work. I believe that every birth is natural - and whether it is a vaginal, medicated or unmedicated, or cesarean birth - every type of birth demands support and deserves celebration. I have been a doula for over a year and a half and have served over 20 families in that time. I have experience with first time and multiple time mamas, inductions, cesareans, home birth, birth centers, and hospitals!


Bachelor of English Literature from Whitworth University (2019)

Certification and training

Birth Doula Certification, DONA (2020)

Memberships and affiliations

Spokane Professional Doula Association

Birth Doula Birth Support Childbirth Education Evidence-Based Care Home Birth Labor Doula LGBTQ+ Mindfulness Natural Birth Natural Childbirth


Service introduction

During Pregnancy I will... *Provide one free of charge, no obligation, 60 minute meet and greet so we can see if we’re a good fit. *Offer unlimited communication throughout your pregnancy through email, phone, and text to answer questions, reassure you, and help you find the resources you need. *Have two 90 minute prenatal visits with you in the comfort of your home to discuss your vision for your birth and how I can best support that vision. *Help you formulate a comprehensive birth plan that maps out your “ideal” birth. I will also help you understand what to expect from your body during birth and what to expect from your place of birth. *Provide 24/7 on call availability from 38 weeks until the baby is born to support you and help you determine if labor has begun. During Birth I will... *Support you at any location you decide to give birth. *Give you constant emotional and physical support throughout labor and delivery. *Aid with relaxation and breathing techniques such as massage, rebozo, counter-pressure, visualization, soothing hot packs and cold towels, repositioning every 20-30 minutes, and meaningful verbal affirmation for emotional encouragement. *Guide your partner in the best ways to support you, and give them breaks for rest. *Take photos if requested. After the birth I will... *Stay with you and your partner for up to two hours to give lactation counseling (if desired) and make sure you feel settled and safe. *Follow up with you to schedule at least one 2-hour postpartum visit during which I will check in on you and your partner, help you process your birth experience, give feedback, answer any potential breastfeeding questions you have, do a light chore for you, and enjoy your little one’s new presence on this earth!

Ratings and reviews
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Sarah's services never felt like anything less than selfless friendship and support. Through prenatal care, labor support, and postpartum recovery, she was patient, loving, and kind. Sarah is naturally gifted with every characteristic that an amazing Doula possesses. She exemplified the reasons every laboring woman should have a doula—and more specifically have her—beside them for her journey. Not only supporting me personally, she gave gentle and helpful guidance to the baby's father. Her kind coaching not only improved the labor experience, but strengthened the love and respect that my partner and I have for each other. Sarah made the positive experience extend beyond the labor and delivery of our son and into the relationships that were created and solidified because of it. And to top it all off, her counter pressure, knowledge of techniques, positions, and mantras, and overall comforting presence were priceless for 26 hours of labor. Thank you so much, Sarah! I almost can't wait to be pregnant again just to get to labor with you a second time!

- Meredith C.

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