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Farmington, Minnesota
2 years of experience
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About me

Hi there! I am the creator and founder of Independent Sleepers. I am a mother to a one-year-old, a veteran RN with 10 years of experience in an ICU, 2 years in the NICU, I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant and a newborn care specialist. I have helped over 100 families and counting to give their babies a good nights sleep within a few nights and proper naps within 2 weeks.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ludwigshafen, Germany (2014)

Certification and training

Sleep Consultant, TCCA (2022)

Newborn Care Specialist, TCCA (2022)

CPR License, National CPR Foundation (2022)

Lactation Consultant (2022)

Memberships and affiliations

National CPR Foundation

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Newborn Prep Sleep Consultant Breastfeeding Assistance and Support Breastfeeding Consultation Breastfeeding Support Exclusive Pumping/Bottle Feeding Infant Care Lactation Consultation Low Milk Supply/Over Supply Newborn Care Nipple and Breast Pain Toddlers

English, German

Service introduction

I provide 1 on 1 sleep coaching for any sleeping issues you can think of for babies 4 months to toddlers of 4 years of age. I also provide a newborn care service specializing in getting your newborn prepared for the sleep training process when they are of age. Lastly, I educate and prepare expecting parents for the journey ahead and how to avoid creating negative sleep associations for their newborn.

Expectant Parent Premium Package
15 Minute Discovery Call (Free) Questionnaire Newborn Guide Personalized Coaching 90 Minute Guiding Consultation 4 Weeks of Unlimited Text Support 4 Scheduled Calls Virtual Nursery Tour & Set Up Check-In Call 4 Months After Birth Private WhatsApp & Facebook Group
USD Flat rate
Newborn Sleep Forming Basic Package
15 Minute Discovery Call (Free) Questionnaire Newborn Guide Personalized Coaching 60 Minute Guiding Consultation 2 Weeks of Email Support 2 Scheduled Follow-Up Calls
USD Flat rate
Newborn Sleep Forming Premium Package
15 Minute Discovery Call (Free) Questionnaire Newborn Guide Personalized Coaching 90 Minute Guiding Consultation 4 Weeks of Unlimited Email Support 4 Scheduled Calls Virtual Nursery Tour & Setup Implementation of Sleep Foundations Routine Coaching Bonus Check-In Call After 4 Months Private WhatsApp & Facebook Group
USD Flat rate
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Ratings and reviews
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Where do I even begin!? Selina changed our lives in just three weeks. She gave our little one the gift of sleep and us too! From the start Selina understood my goals for my little one's sleep and that I wanted to use a gentle approach. She tailored a sleep plan that worked for us and made adjustments along the way as needed. She was super confident and definitely knows her stuff, which reflected in all her work. She was easy to communicate with and really held my hand through the whole process. She had check ins with daily, held me accountable and was always there when I needed her. Selina is so dedicated to her clients and truly wants the best for each family. All of that is reflected in her work and commitment to each family. She was able to get my little one to nap for longer than 30-40 minutes and get him to sleep through the night, 12 hours. We are all so much happier now that we are getting good sleep. I can't say enough about how amazing she is and the work she does.

- Jessica C.


From birth, I had been co-sleeping with my now 3 year old, who was also breastfed until 2.5 years. Once I had managed to get my daughter back into her own bedroom, I continued for about a month, but was putting off the inevitability of removing myself from her room and back into mine. Selina was so supportive from the get-go. With our initial chat, I felt reassured and confident that I could help my daughter sleep independently. It has taken just a little over 2 weeks for my little one to sleep by herself in her own room, without tears. If she hasn't also been unwell with a cold for the most of that, I believe it would have been sooner! Thank you Selina, the personalised plan, ongoing check-ins made me go into the programme knowing we would come out better on the other side. And we have. My husband also wanted to say thank you, now that I'm back in the marital bed ;)

- Rebecca I.


Having Selina as our sleep trainer has easily been one of the biggest blessings of our lives. We were stuck in an endless cycle of contact naps and multiple night wakings before we found her. Just 3 nights into our journey my son was able to self soothe and put himself to sleep with no feeding, rocking, or patting to sleep. A few weeks later we mastered the naps, now he is sleeping trough the night and taking 1.5-2 hour naps in his crib. Me, my son, and husband have never been so well rested thanks to Selina! She provides such a personalized experience, you truly are never alone throughout the entire process!

- Shelby R.

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