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We are Shayna & Jamie, two nurses who also happen to be mamas with a heart to educate every household on the basics of pediatric illnesses as well as CPR & choking! We offer in-home, private educational courses for groups of care givers, families or friends and are starting to book out courses for the next couple of months. Our courses provide the same education of a CPR course without the formalities of a certification... meaning you will walk away with the information you need to adequately perform CPR without a certificate & have the bonus of one-on-one guidance with Jamie, a trained American Heart Association Instructor and seasoned ER/Trauma Nurse. Along with the CPR course, Shayna (a pediatric nurse) will provide an in-depth head to toe overview of the most common pediatric illnesses, how to manage them at home, when to see a doctor & when to go to the ER. At the end of the course, there is an option to do a Q&A where you have uninterrupted time with trained professionals as well as hands on practice with manikins to practice performing CPR. Our courses typically take 2 hours between set up and take down. The course currently runs $75/ person. Since this is a private course, you get the freedom to choose who you'd like to attend & invite your chosen people. We are based out of Orange County & have a class participant minimum based on location & distance. Travel fees may apply. Our schedule is flexible with weekends, evenings and morning slots available & we book on a first come, first serve basis. Our vision for this business is that we would get into every home possible, equipping and empowering parents and caregivers to feel confident in their abilities to manage common pediatric illnesses and emergencies. We look forward to working alongside of you!

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Private, in-home infant, pediatric & adult CPR, choking and Pediatrics 101 education.

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We come to your home with all of our equipment and price our course at $75/person with specific minimums depending on location & time of the week. We are based out of Orange County but can travel for a small fee.
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The class was so helpful and well thought out. It was a great refresher for CPR and provided lots of new info for child safety that I now have stashed in my back pocket. After taking this class I felt much more confident and less scared when taking care of our baby when she had a cold. The info shared throughout this class is so important for moms, dads, grandparents, and all caregivers. It’s a bonus to have it taught by two professionals with such extensive backgrounds in the areas. I wish this was a requirement prior to giving birth! Great job, ladies and that your for the invaluable information and safety tips.

- Jasmine T.

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