Sloan Thompson

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Oakland, California
About me

Sloan is a full spectrum doula from East Oakland who comes from African American ancestry and weaves the folk healing of their ancestors into the care they provide to their clients. Sloan has made it their mission to provide gender-affirming and trauma-informed care. it's important for Sloan they they are able to empower clients and hold them through their individual journeys.

Certification and training

Sumi's Touch (2021)

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Roots of Labor Doula Collective

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Service introduction

Sloan currently offers support in the following forms: Helping the client construct and go over their unique birth plan, comfort measure during pregnancy and labor, herbal support in pregnancy and postpartum, support via rebozo in labor and the postpartum period, support through advocacy, as well as helping with baby.

Prenatal Support
Prenatal Support can be scheduled in 1-3 parts. These appointments consist of Sloan helping you construct/go over your unique birth plan, comfort measures, herbal support, and what to expect from the postpartum period/postpartum care. Sliding scale options available
USD Flat rate
Labor Support
Support via rebozo, massage, and guided movement. Providing support through advocacy and emotional support. Sliding scale options available
USD Flat rate
Postpartum Support
Support via rebozo, massage, energy healing, cooking, helping with baby, and herbal support. Sliding scale options available
USD Per hour
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Ratings and reviews
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My partner and I decided to hire a doula because we really wanted that emotional and physical support. That being our first pregnancy, we had many questions and concerns. So after extensive research we came across Sloan, she was so professional. The amount of information she provided at our first meeting set her apart and became the deciding factor to hiring her. She just made us feel so comfortable. She was with us at the time of labor and leading up to it, explaining how the birth would go and what to expect. Unfortunately, I had some complications; Sloan was there guiding us, holding my hand and offering suggestions. It's what kept us so calm and pushing forward. She was so encouraging and gentle. Just a wonderful soul! She even assisted with getting my son to latch on for a feeding when the nurse was busy. I am currently pregnant and did not hesitate to rehire Sloan. I know with her methods and expertise that I'm in good hands. Going into an unknown situation, she just made the entire experience so positive. Would definitely recommend Sloan for before, during and after labor!

- Danny S.

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