Stacey Van Voorden
Sleep Coach
Ontario, California
5 years of experience
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About me

I'm a passionate Certified Child Sleep Consultant and a proud mom of 2! I love helping families sleep well to live well 😴🌛☀️🌿

Certification and training

Certified Child Sleep Consultant (2019)

Sleep Consultant


Service introduction

Certified by the Family Sleep Institute, Sleep by Nature specializes in helping children get the quality sleep they need. We provide parents with real solutions for their sleep time challenges based on expert experience, science, and nature. Educational and coaching services are available, empowering parents with the knowledge and support to achieve healthy sleep success. Common topics and challenges we cover: safe sleep, sleep environment, age-appropriate sleep schedules, consolidating sleep for nights and naps, bed-sharing & co-sleeping transitions, crib to bed transition, and nap transitions. Check out for all sleep support options.