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Chesterland, Ohio
16 years of experience
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Hello! My name is Staci and I am a homebirth midwife. We, my husband and 4 children, have lived in NEOHIO for about 7 years. As a homebirth midwife we are eager to to learn about the family and what moves them to birth at home. We walk with the family throughout pregnancy and give as much information as we can get our hands on to share with them so they can make informed decisions about their birth care. We do all of our visits and care in home. We spend an hour or more if needed at each visit. We cherish this time of intimacy. Health, through food, exercise, and herbs, is our utmost focus. We are continually trying to learn and grow and share with our clients all we can. Some clients prefer to have co-care with an OB OR nurse midwife while others want nothing to do with any hospital care (unless a case of transport). We love to customize our care to our individual families.


Certified Professional Midwife (2014)

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CPM (2014)



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In my homebirth practice I offer in home prenatal visits each month for the the first 32 weeks. At 32 weeks we come every two weeks and finish up with weekly visits starting at 38 weeks. Once the baby is born we return to the home for a 24 hour visits, 3 day visit, 5 day visit, and a 2-3 week visit. We finish up with a 6 to 8 week visit.

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I have worked closely with Staci Dasher since January, 2021. First, while apprenticing under her, I learned to appreciate her quiet and calm understanding and teaching of the birth process; watching her engage with clients and discuss the intricacies of how birth unfolds is beautiful to see. Now, as her birth partner I deeply appreciate her commitment to serve families with hands-on, individualized midwifery care and to communicate in ways that ensure that families know they're heard and they are deeply cared for.

- Shelly S.

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