Tawnie Martinez
Birth Doula
Spanish Fork, Utah
2 years of experience
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About me

Hi everyone, for those who are new and don’t know who I am my name is Tawnie and I am a mother of three handsome boys and a wife to an amazing husband going on 13 years. I am a Dona trained birth doula here in the Utah county area. I am accepting new beautiful mamas and would love to meet you. Here is just a few things about me . I am a firm believer in Jesus and I follow where I am being lead. I care deeply with those I come across I don’t believe in coincidences I truly believe we are meant to have a relationship or a connection in some way. Our paths cross with a significant meaning . I love with my whole heart and wear my heart on my sleeve (as most people say). I’ve always had desire for Labor and delivery but to the extent of why and when. The moments to when a friend of mine was delivering her beautiful son , I was there nurturing her, and the little moment of patting her head with a cool cloth was it. It was my moment of emotional connection with women during the most beautiful transition of their story. I have gone through pain of grief in my life that truly has taken me deeper into a true relationship with God and myself. I feel pain when words can not be expressed, I feel love and joy when the words are so exciting nothing can come out. I feel the anxious feeling of the unknown when written in silence. I can’t explain the truth behind it but I know it’s all because God is always working and is calling us to be there for one another. We are not ever meant to do this world alone. We all have stories being written and to be told. I would love to sit along side of you with a helping hand to honor you and nurture you with love and compassion. Let’s meet for a minute if you would like to know more. Message me for any questions or concerns I will love to hear from you

Certification and training

Dona trained (2022)



Service introduction

*2 prenatal in home visits to discuss birth plan, comfort measures, questions, fears , concerns and how I can be support to you and your partner throughout *On call after 37 weeks , via texts, phone calls *Your birth/delivery and up to 2 hours after *2 postpartum visits up to 6 weeks after delivery $850 rate. Can discuss payment more personal is needed