Teresa Saviskas-Kweli
Postpartum Doula
Oakland, California
25 years of experience
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About me

Teresa’s primary role as a postpartum doula is overnight care for babies and deep wellness support for postpartum parents. “I aim to provide newborns with the building blocks to form strong loving attachments, healthy sleep habits, and a routine that helps both babies and family thrive. When following baby’s cues and establishing a routine around the needs of baby and family, they are all set up for success for years into the future.” Newborn Care Specialist Trained Midwife From Belize Midwifery Association Certification in Traditional Midwifery And Reproductive Ethnomedicine BA in Psychology Montessori Teaching Credential 25 Years Experience In Infant Care And Child Development Professionally Insured CPR Certified Up To Date On Vaccinations Including Covid 19 Serving SF Bay Area


BA psychology (1997)

Certification and training

Montessori teaching credential (AMI) (1998)

Certified Midwife (Belize Midwifery Project) (2003)

Breastfeeding Support Infant Care Newborn Care Overnight Newborn Care Placenta Encapsulation Postpartum Care Postpartum Doula Care


Service introduction

As your Newborn Care Specialist, I will provide loving care for your little one while you get some much needed rest overnight. I will help you establish the building blocks of a routine and give your baby the tools to establish healthy sleep habits from day one (not to be confused with Cry-It-Out sleep training!). I will be there through any challenges that may arise during your newborn's journey and I will always be available to answer any of your newborn care questions, guiding and supporting you in whichever way is most helpful!

Overnight postpartum doula care
Overnight care:$65/hour (8 hours minimum, 20 nights minimum) · +$15 / HOUR PER ADDITIONAL CHILD FOR TWIN OR MULTIPLES As your newborn care specialist I will work with a family for the first 4-24 weeks of their child’s life 10pm -7am Sunday-Thursday During those hours I provide; Full care for babies Overnight breast feeding and/or pumping support. I do many chores that pertain to babies care; nursery laundry and restock, bottle sanitizing, breast pump cleaning, sanitizing and set up, breast milk labeling and storage, formula and bottle preparation and storage.
USD Per hour
PRENATAL VISIT IN-HOME BABY PREP: $300 This is a 2-3 hour visit to help with: ​ Organizing your nursery Swaddling practice Diapering tips and setting up diaper station Wash and sterilize bottles and pumping equipment Helping set up a postpartum plan Basic baby safety tips: how to take a temp, ways to reduce gas and reflux, sleep safety tips. ​ Prenatal add-on visit is recommended towards the end of your pregnancy (35/36 weeks).
USD Flat rate
POSTNATAL VISIT IN-HOME WITH BABY: $300 This is a 1-2 hour visit to help with: ​ Transitioning from hospital/birth center Baby's first bath How to care for the Umbilical Cord Swaddling Tips with your baby Diapering Tips with your baby Breastfeeding Support Postpartum Sitz Baths/Padsicle Prep Baby Wearing Tips Unpacking Hospital Bags Postnatal add-on visit, we recommend 1-3 visits in the first week home from the hospital.
USD Flat rate
Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

Our family is so grateful that we found Teresa and were able to have her in our lives to care for our son from 6 months to 2.5 years. Her attention and care for our little one was beyond what we could have imagined and the knowledge and experience she brings helped us as new parents.

- Jin C.


Teresa has such a comforting presence and an unmatched skill in caring for little ones. Teresa took care of our daughter from age 4 months to 2.5 years and she became a second home for our child. She is also an excellent cook! We will be forever grateful that our paths crossed at such a precious and crucial developmental time for our daughter.

- Lunarosa P.


Teresa has an incomparable level of experience caring for children. She has been nurturing children for decades and it is so evident when you see her gently and patiently interact with any child. She has cared for our 5 year old daughter since she was 4 months old as well as our 2.5 year old since he was 6 months old. Both of our children love Teresa as if she was their second mom. Not only is Teresa fantastic with kids, she also is an expert at communicating with parents. Everyday, my partner and I knew how our kids’ day went and, if anything ever came up, like a stomach bug or fever, Teresa always knew what to do. We are eternally grateful for having such a skilled and trustworthy caregiver in our children’s lives.

- Johnny Y.


Teresa cared for our daughter for several years and we all love her like part of the family. She is thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable and our daughter flourished in her development while with Teresa. As a first time mother , it was such a gift to know by baby was being cared for by such an intentional and loving person. Teresa is simply the best!

- Valerie W.