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Childbirth Educator
Nanaimo, British Columbia
5 years of experience
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Hi, I'm Teri-Ann and I am a certified childbirth educator and doula through Birthing From Within™ as well as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist™. I am passionate about helping parents prepare for birth but also to thrive rather than survive the 4th-trimester (what comes after birth). I Want You To Know... * Birth is just the beginning of your parental activation journey, it's the top of the mountain, your return is as important to prepare for as the birth is. * Knowledge is power and the better you understand what is coming your way, the better you’ll feel going through it. * This transformation will be hard. * Your relationship and how you see your partner will change. * You will never understand what sleep deprivation feels like until you look after a newborn baby. * Pregnancy changes your DNA, it changes your hormones, it changes how well your organs function too. So why doesn't our current prenatal care educate women on how to keep their body functioning optimally so the whole family benefits from having more energy, better health, and improved milk quality for your baby to enjoy. * Lactation depletes the already depleted body and birth recovery looks different for every birth outcome. * Your inner experience will affect how your body goes through this amazing transformation. * You need a plan to help you achieve your ultimate launch into parenthood I chose this career choice because I was so shocked by my first postpartum experience. I knew that this stage in life is so undervalued, underfunded, and under-supported by our current prenatal care system. To be a happy and healthy parent you need to plan for a holistic recovery. I’m here to help you achieve that, you will PLAN and THRIVE in your new role as parents or parents again. If you’re looking for a transformative, supported, and holistic recovery from pregnancy and birth you’ve found the right childbirth educator & 4th-trimester Doula. I look forward to meeting you, My website www.BirthingNourishedParents.com has all of my services and even downloadable meal guides so you can start feeding your baby with Evidence-Based meals that support optimal brain development TODAY. Check out my free resources page for essentials around what to stock your pantry with and ways to nourish your body throughout pregnancy and the 4th-trimester.


Certified Holistic Nutritionist (2016)

Certification and training

Certified Childbirth Educator (2020)

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Birthing From Within™

Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition™

Childbirth Education


Service introduction

I offer support as a childbirth educator, nutritionist & 4th-trimester preparation specialist. My packages are available as single items or holistic approaches to preparing for birth and what comes after birth. I offer online support around the world and in-person support in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada. My services include: Downloadable Meal guides and recipe books that make growing a healthy and smart baby easy. Downloadable Birth Partner Support Guide that helps couples prepare for birth with pain coping techniques and practical hospital bag and labour position cheat sheets. I offer one on one mentorship that covers what the couple needs, whether that's a VBAC, birthing again, or birthing without fear. My clients work with me to prepare for their optimal recovery from birth. They understand they can plan for successful bonding with their baby, successful breastfeeding, use partnership connectivity tools so they stay strong in their relationship through the challenges of new parenthood (where over 80% of divorces come out of) and set up community support tools so that the mother is not left alone and ultimately surviving rather than thriving.

4th-Trimester Preparation Workshop
4th-Trimester Preparation Class Free or by donation; hosted at Nanaimo North Library Every 4th Sunday of every month. Please pre-register by emailing me @ birthingnourishedparentes@gmail.com We will cover: Expectations of the mother’s body and hormones What to prepare before baby arrives Partnership connection tools so your relationship can thrive rather than survive this experience Community support preparation Nutrition needs Breastfeeding support methods Tools to support identity loss Physical recovery needs You will walk away with a plan to implement right away and a deeper understanding of what is needed so you can enjoy the transformation that our culture lacks in preparing us for. If you feel inclined to leave a donation to support my work please etransfer it to me at terianncoombes@gmail.com
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Private Childbirth Education Classes
Private class topics can include: -Birth location & support team Physiology of labour and birth Address fears and concerns -Pain-coping techniques Partner support tools and techniques Evidence-based optimal birth positions -Checklists and cheat sheets to make learning fun -Nutrition that supports healthy birth preparation and birth recovery -VBAC preparation -Birthing Again Mentorship will address previous birth and other children’s needs -Home Birth Preparation and tools for the job In-person on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Parksville, Qualicum, and surrounding areas. (10$ Fee for driving over 30 minutes) or online through Zoom (classes can be recorded). One-on-one childbirth preparation with Birthing From Within mentorship processes will help you and your birth partner labour and birth with confidence and resilience. Birth is more than a physical process, so we will explore what you’re bringing to this transformational experience and how you can achieve an empowering birth that you’ll be proud to remember for the rest of your life. As an individual option, you’ll get three 2-hour sessions for $280 per couple with the flexibility to suit your schedule and email support for troubleshooting.
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Newborn baby care workshop
This 2.5-hour class will inform you and inspire you as you prepare to meet your baby. This workshop will be hosted every 2nd Sunday of every month from 1 pm PST in person at Nanaimo North Library. You’ll feel confident you’re able to see their cues before they need to cry and if they do cry you’ll have tips and tricks in all the ways you can support your baby and make them feel safe and nourished. This by-donation class comes with a workbook and guide that you can refer back to when you have your baby in your arms. The recommended fee is $40, but as times are hard for most right now I am offering a sliding scale so that everyone has access to this essential baby care information. We will cover: -Safe babywearing practices and why it’s so supportive for baby Safe sleep space and sleep/wake cycles so you can understand and support your baby’s sleep needs -Cord care tips Bathing your baby Diapering your baby Dressing your baby -Tummy time and how to avoid flat head syndrome Infant massage -Resources to look into vaccines, circumcision, and more -When you reserve your spot you will receive an email to confirm you spot. Donations can be sent after the class if you feel inclined to support in that way. Email terianncoombes@gmail.com to etransfer me.
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Ratings and reviews
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I took my birthing classes with Teri-Ann, she was more then accommodating to answer and help me with any further questions I had. She provided helpful worksheets and information even after the class was done. I love how Teri-Ann provides information about birth and labour through a medical and spiritual perspective. You get the best of both with her classes! She is passionate about what she does and also has teas to help with preparing for birth and after birth! I also enjoyed the fun partner exercises we did to prepare for birth. :)

- Cera G.


I worked with Teri recently one on one for private childbirth education. It was my second birth and my husband & I wanted to be prepared as our first experience was not ideal. Teri-Ann assessed our needs & concerns & worked with us on coming up with a birth plan, preparing for labor, & pain coping techniques. We also dove deep into our previous birth & what we wanted differently out of this birth. We focused a lot on positioning as my first was sunny side up and was very stuck. I just had my daughter last week, as birth was amazing. I felt so prepared and labor was a breeze (things moved along a lot quicker). Teri also helped us prepare our oldest for the changes of becoming a big sister which was also amazing.

- Alicia D.

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