Yrma Perdomo

Occupational Therapist
Boca Raton, Florida
12 years of experience
About me

My name is Yrma Lady Perdomo. I am a daughter, a mother, a sister, a partner and a forever student. I am a Board Certified & Licensed Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a specialty in Neurodevelopment. I am passionate about integrated and holistic interventions for Mothers and the developmental concerns of all children . My treatment approach incorporates all the complementary certifications and education I have had the privilege to receive, learn and teach . My work as a Craniosacral Therapist, Sensory Integration Specialist, Infant Sleep Educator, Postpartum Healing Practitioner, Breath Coach and Prenatal Kundalini Teacher have helped me develop an approach that fully HONORS Mothers, newborns and the new dynamics that exist within each family unit, especially the Mother-Baby dyad. I believe parenthood can be beautiful but also messy simply because we are not designed to do it without a village of support. Sistering mothers and their counterparts along their parenting journey is my passion. My own journey as a mother has allowed me to see what little support parents have within our modern culture and how often this age of information, societal pressures, and a collective that does not support the nuclear family, can leave parents depleted, frustrated and misinformed. It was from this place that a passion was ignited within me to create SisterWell, to do my part to sister other women well and to be a well of support, light and love. Working with infants and families in the 4th trimester is a privilege and my gift is guiding caregivers to palpably feel their intuitive abilities to parent from the inside out. My approach is collaborative, guided by a strong foundation in neuroscience and strongly led by our innate physiologic blueprint. Providing caregiver education that is clinically sound, child led, mother centered and built upon a strong foundation of whole family wellness is my principal focus. I have worked in various hospitals, clinics, collectives and private settings as a clinician and my mission remains the same: to provide parents and infants with a prevention focused model of care that is high quality, effective, comprehensive, and sustainable; understanding that the dynamics of child development are complex and that whole family health and wellbeing is at the center of it all. My education, training and experience allow me to holistically support families to thrive in ways that validate their instincts, nurtures attachment relationships and sets a foundation for lifelong wellbeing. I help empower caregivers to use guided functional movement techniques for optimal motor, sensory and cognitive development, guide parents through sleep without 'sleep training' and find solutions to common/uncommon infant diagnoses through therapeutic interventions that respect a child’s biologic need and innate design. I specialize in pre and post-tongue and lip tie interventions and collaborate with your chosen frenectomy practitioner to ensure optimal outcomes and make moving through the process of this procedure intentional, rewarding and successful. I love guiding new and experienced parents journey back to themselves, turn up the dial on their instincts, trust and fully embody their innate capacities to carry out and enjoy their most sacred role.


Bachelors of Health Sciences and Kinesiological Dtudies (2006)

Masters of Occupational Therapy (2012)

Certification and training

Innate Postpartum Care Practitioner (2020)

Craniosacral Therapy (2018)

Perinatal Kundalini Teacher (2020)

Breath Coach (2020)

Memberships and affiliations


Birth and Lactation Breastfeeding Assistance and Support Breastfeeding Support Childbirth Education Child/family Therapy Childhood Growth and Development Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics Early Intervention Speech and Language Early Parenting Educator Evidence-Based Care Evidence-Based Therapy Infant Care Latch Issues Newborn Care Newborn Screening Nipple and Breast Pain Parenting Parenting Support Pediatric Neurology Postpartum Care Postpartum Doula Care Postpartum Life Preconception Premature Infants Prenatal Care Prenatal Life Prenatal Yoga

English, Spanish

Service introduction

Services Provided Infant Developmental Screenings, Assessments & Interventions (Birth-3) for any developmental delays/concerns Torticollis & Plagiocephally (Head Molding) Intervention Delayed Milestone Remediation Tummy Time Essentials (Online, Private in Home & Group Sessions) Nutritional Modifications & Education for Reflux/Colic Interventions and Functional Assessments for Tethered Oral Tissues Pre and Post-Tongue, Lip and Buccal Release Therapy & Body Work Infant Oral Motor Therapy Craniosacral Therapy (Birth-12) Reflex Integration (3 mo-12 yo) Infant Sleep & Responsive Night-time Parenting Education Postpartum Healing Planning & Coaching What to Expect After Birth (Prenatal Coaching) Whole Family Wellness Coaching (Welcoming Baby Home, Developmental workouts, How to play and nurture development for Partners etc…)

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