DoulaMatch Alternative: How Bornbir Reshapes Future Doula Work

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care for Everyone is a website that helps families find doulas for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. The site claims to have over 10,000 listings for birth and postpartum doulas (as of January 2024). Each listing includes information such as fees, experience, and reviews. While the website outlines its fee structure, DoulaMatch does not guarantee the generation of leads for doulas. Recognizing this gap, Bornbir quickly emerges as a solution to assist doulas in connecting with potential clients near their location.

DoulaMatch pricing table Data collected on September 20, 2023 by Bornbir

People using DoulaMatch can typically browse doula profiles, read reviews, and directly contact doulas through the platform. However, it’s not uncommon to encounter certain challenges while using DoulaMatch:

1. Parents may find a doula they like, but the doula might not be available for their due date.

2. The selected doula might not serve their specific geographical area.

3. Some doulas may not promptly respond to emails, causing delays in communication.

4. Parents in urgent need of assistance may face longer response times, typically around 1–2 business days.

5. Parents need to fill out multiple repeated forms, leading to redundant information sharing, and sometimes, broken links.

These issues can be frustrating, but we’ve developed Bornbir to address and minimize aforementioned challenges.

Broadcasting: In just under 30 seconds, parents can broadcast their request to every doula within a 30-mile radius of their zip code, increasing their chances of connecting with local doulas. With, there’s no need for agencies or manual matching — our AI-powered algorithm handles it all.

Dedicated Parent Advocate: If a doula isn’t available for a specific due date, our parent advocate team steps in. We proactively reach out to doulas in the area to ensure that every request receives a response within 24 hours, aiming for at least three doula-parent connections per request.

Reminder Texts and Emails: To further enhance timely responses, we’ve integrated an intelligent monitoring system that sends out reminder emails and text messages. Doulas can also proactively engage with parents through phone calls and friendly text reminders or even set up a greeting message. Our goal is to ensure that the journey of connecting parents with doulas is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Expectant and new parents can request more than 20 provider categories ranging from Doulas, Midwives, to Sleep Coaches and Newborn Care Specialists

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