How to Find Medicaid-Approved Doula in Hawaii?

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To find a Medicaid-approved doula in Hawaii, you should start by confirming your Medicaid eligibility and enrolling in a health plan through the Med-QUEST division of Hawaii’s Department of Human Services. Once you have Medicaid coverage, you can access various health services, including doula services for pregnant women, which are covered under the QUEST Integration Medicaid program.

Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Check Eligibility and Apply for Medicaid: Determine if you're eligible for Medicaid in Hawaii and apply through the MyBenefits portal or by contacting the Hawaii Connector Call Center. The application can be found at MyBenefits Hawaii.
  2. Match with Medicaid-Approved doulas: Known as the "Airbnb" of doula support simply answer six questions, and match with top-rated Doulas near your zip code in 30 seconds, and it's a FREE service.
  3. Contact Doulas Directly: Once you have a list of doulas, reach out to them to discuss their services, availability, and how they work with Medicaid billing.
  4. Confirm Coverage: Verify with your Medicaid health plan to ensure the doula services are covered and understand any potential out-of-pocket costs.

These steps will help you navigate finding a Medicaid-approved doula in Hawaii effectively.

How to Find Medicaid Doula in Hawaii?