11 Questions To Ask Potential Doula Clients In 2024

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When interviewing potential doula clients, it's essential to gather information about their preferences, expectations and needs to ensure a good match between the doula and the birthing family. Here are some questions you might consider asking:

  1. Introduction and Background:
    • Can you tell me a bit about yourselves? (To understand their background, family dynamics, etc.)
    • Have you had a doula before, or is this your first experience with one?
  2. Birth Preferences:
    • What are your birth preferences or goals for this labor and delivery?
    • Are there specific interventions or procedures you hope to avoid or include?
  3. Previous Birth Experience:
    • Can you share any previous birth experiences you've had, if applicable?
    • Is there anything from past experiences that you'd like to do differently this time?
  4. Pregnancy and Health:
    • How has your pregnancy been so far? Any specific concerns or health considerations?
    • Are there any specific medical or cultural factors we should be aware of?
  5. Support System:
    • Who will be present during labor and birth? (Partner, family members, friends, etc.)
    • How do you envision your support system working during labor?
  6. Communication and Availability:
    • What is your preferred method of communication? (Phone calls, texts, emails)
    • Do you have any specific expectations regarding the doula's availability leading up to the birth?
  7. Labor and Birth Location:
    • Where do you plan to give birth? (Home, hospital, birth center)
    • Have you discussed your birth plan with your healthcare provider?
  8. Comfort Measures:
    • Are there specific comfort measures or coping techniques you're interested in exploring during labor?
    • How do you typically manage stress or discomfort?
  9. Postpartum Plans:
    • Have you thought about your postpartum plans and support needs?
    • Are there specific areas where you anticipate needing extra support after the birth?
  10. Doula Expectations:
    • What qualities are you looking for in a doula?
    • How do you envision the doula supporting you during labor?
  11. Logistics:
    • Have you considered the logistics of having a doula, such as transportation to the birth location?
    • Is there anything else you'd like to discuss or clarify regarding the doula's role?

These questions can serve as a starting point, but it's crucial to adapt them based on the individual needs and circumstances of each client. Building a strong rapport and understanding their unique situation will contribute to a positive and supportive doula-client relationship.

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