Beyond the Kegel: Movement Strategies for Postpartum Pelvic Floor Health


$45.00 USD

About the class

Let's face it, starting (or getting back to) a movement practice after giving birth is weird? Oftentimes, it feels like our pelvis is disconnected from the rest of our bodies, which can cause us to move with caution and/or pain. In this class, we'll discuss how to reconnect with our pelvic floor through breath and movement that you can take into your favorite exercise modality or use to simply move through the world every day. We will learn important anatomy, how to differentiate between tension and collapse in the pelvis and move through some simple flows that can help wake up the feeling of connection from your feet to your head. I know life can be unpredictable these days, so if you find you can't make the live class, it will be recorded and sent to all participants.


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About the provider

Ivy Baron

I know what it’s like to navigate what feels like a new body after birth. Pilates helped me after my 2 births: one vaginal and one c-section, and I’m so grateful to offer that support to others. I offer Pilates through an inclusive non-judgemental lens. My specialties include pelvic floor health and recutus diastasis. I help support your body so you can get back to activities you love. I offer 1:1 sessions in my east side studio as well as virtual classes and sessions.

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