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This class is for couples to tap into a higher level of consciousness together in their preparation for birth from a place of love rather than a place of fear. We will cover: -Tools for navigating the intensity of pain and discomfort of labour and new parenthood. -Tools for communicating with your birth team from a place of higher awareness so decisions are made from love and not fear. - Look at the tools available to you for coping and supporting an unmedicated birth. - Understand the pros and cons of the medical pain support options. - Learn how to advocate from a centred place (rather than fear or reaction) and make informed decisions throughout labour, birth, and beyond. You walk away with a PDF of all the things that support labour so you can reference and study this to make decisions in labour easier. This class will also teach you 2 pain coping techniques that athletes use because they work. Please bring ice and a journal to this class. Teri-Ann is a certified childbirth educator and certified holistic nutritionist passionate about changing how we collectively prepare for birth so we can prepare HOLISTICALLY rather than seeing the body separate from the mind. Please see my free resource page for more help in pregnancy in new parenthood.


This is an online event. Your instructor will provide you with instructions on how to attend after you sign up for the event.




If you are no longer able to attend the event, please message the provider to let them know.

About the provider

Teri-Ann Coombes

Hi, I'm Teri-Ann and I am a certified childbirth educator and doula through Birthing From Within™ as well as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist™. I am passionate about helping parents prepare for birth but also to thrive rather than survive the 4th-trimester (what comes after birth). I Want You To Know... * Birth is just the beginning of your parental activation journey, it's the top of the mountain, your return is as important to prepare for as the birth is. * Knowledge is power and the better you understand what is coming your way, the better you’ll feel going through it. * This transformation will be hard. * Your relationship and how you see your partner will change. * You will never understand what sleep deprivation feels like until you look after a newborn baby. * Pregnancy changes your DNA, it changes your hormones, it changes how well your organs function too. So why doesn't our current prenatal care educate women on how to keep their body functioning optimally so the whole family benefits from having more energy, better health, and improved milk quality for your baby to enjoy. * Lactation depletes the already depleted body and birth recovery looks different for every birth outcome. * Your inner experience will affect how your body goes through this amazing transformation. * You need a plan to help you achieve your ultimate launch into parenthood I chose this career choice because I was so shocked by my first postpartum experience. I knew that this stage in life is so undervalued, underfunded, and under-supported by our current prenatal care system. To be a happy and healthy parent you need to plan for a holistic recovery. I’m here to help you achieve that, you will PLAN and THRIVE in your new role as parents or parents again. If you’re looking for a transformative, supported, and holistic recovery from pregnancy and birth you’ve found the right childbirth educator & 4th-trimester Doula. I look forward to meeting you, My website has all of my services and even downloadable meal guides so you can start feeding your baby with Evidence-Based meals that support optimal brain development TODAY. Check out my free resources page for essentials around what to stock your pantry with and ways to nourish your body throughout pregnancy and the 4th-trimester.

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