Power of Positivism Parenting Workshop


$10.00 USD

About the class

Attendee will: -Gain an understanding of the premise of positive parenting -Learn the different types of parenting styles and how they related to your child’s development. -The benefits of positive parenting -Learn to implement positive/conscious parenting practices in your household. -Learn how to create age and/or developmentally appropriate boundaries for your child(ren). -Be able to ask ANY questions or concerns they may have at the end of the workshop. -A FREE guide for all participants.


This is an online event. Your instructor will provide you with instructions on how to attend after you sign up for the event.



Refund and cancellation policy

Tickets are non-refundable unless further stated. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact support@bornbir.com.

About the provider

Danyale Washington

My name is Danyale Washington. I graduated with my B.S. in Psychology from Concordia University Chicago. After working for over a decade in various facets of childcare and education —as well as having two children of my own— I have seen countless times, as well as witnessed myself as a parent, the lack of support and resources. My passion for helping others and dedication to children and their families reaching their full potential has always been a big part of who I am. It has continuously fueled me to pursue a career in doing just that–offering my insight and expertise to help those I serve feel confident and well-equipped to foster healthy development in children. My philosophy is rooted in empowerment, positivism, and compassion. It is at the core of all my services. My approach is strength-based and client-centered. It focuses on being an aid to those I provide support to in using the tools and skills they already possess to foster optimal growth and development in children. I believe in empowering individuals as they navigate the more challenging components of childrearing. My role as a coach is to be in your corner—cheering you on—guiding and supporting you while utilizing your strengths to achieve your goals. You are the driver; I am simply the map!

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