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6-Week Program In this program, you are held in your healing. This is the container to explore your deepest healing. With compassion and curiosity as our essence, I will guide you in somatic based exercises to reveal, release, and root into your center. Learn about pelvic health, self-care, co-regulation, grounding strategies, and the incredible healing capacity that IS YOU. Read more: Email to inquire:


13743 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, California, US



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About the provider

Grace Abruzzo

I am Dr. Grace. I specialize in healing the deepest parts of ourselves. My practice is guided by equity, safety, and pleasure of all persons. This level of healing requires breaking down internal beliefs of not-enoughness. It is activism and liberation of the Self through the pelvis. This takes conscious awareness of the ancestoral lineage and collective traumas. Loving the You in your pelvis involves grounding, centering in your unique, freely expressed You. I like to think of the pelvis as a point of meeting between the heavens and the earth. I practice healing through Physical Therapy specializing in Women’s Health with an emphasis in Pelvic Health and Obstetric Health. Through trauma informed Medical Yoga Therapy TM, body/mind/spirit movement, breathwork, energy work, Compassionate Inquiry TM, Somatic ExperiencingTM, and various manual therapy techniques, I support relational deep healing. I came to this work through my own experiences with pelvic dysfunction, trauma, and pain. I learned how to give what I always needed.

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