Mini Sleep Session- how day sleep affects baby's night sleep


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In this Virtual sleep seminar, you will learn about top tips and strategies to solve the most COMMON sleep challenges to get the sleep that you and your family deserve. You will get extra time to get your questions answered with personal advice. Also, I will choose a lucky WINNER who will get a FREE 30 minutes sleep consultation call. You will be receiving special promotional offers and many more. Grab your spots now to learn more about sleep tips and strategies.


This is an online event. Your instructor will provide you with instructions on how to attend after you sign up for the event.




If you are no longer able to attend the event, please message the provider to let them know.

About the provider

Rav Sandhu

I am Rav Sandhu a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and President & Founder of Kiddo Sleep Factor with a mission to get your baby sleeping through the night. My program nurtures independent healthy sleep habits while maintaining both mom's and baby’s attachment with GENTLE solutions. I remember the moment when I had my first child, I was so cheerful until I encountered the reality of sleepless nights. I clearly remembered I was breaking down with exhaustion, tiredness, mood swings, body aches, and stressful nights. I had to feed my daughter every 2 hours until she fell asleep and soon it became her habitual routine. I was sleep-deprived myself until I worked with a sleep consultant and she helped me to overcome her sleep challenges. Within a few nights of practice, she began to sleep throughout the night independently.

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