Taking back your Fourth Trimester


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About the class

2 hour live Zoom workshop taught by postpartum nurses on everything newly postpartum. Your fourth trimester starts the moment your perfect little baby is born and lasts a lifetime. With so much focus on education for newborn care, feeding and sleep, preparing new mamas for life after her baby is born often gets forgotten. Just as your baby is born, so are you as a mom, even if this isn't your first child. As postpartum nurses and moms, we will educate and empower you to ensure that you feel prepared and supported during your fourth trimester. After the Zoom workshop, you will be given access to our private online Facebook community where the growth will continue. Connect with other moms who are in the same fourth trimester season as you. The group will be moderated by Carly and Megan, your postpartum nurse besties. Online drop-ins from other postpartum support professionals will occur regularly. Workshop topics include: What and how to pack your delivery/postpartum bags Hospital and birth center expectations The first hour after delivery: "the golden hour" When delivery doesn't go according to plan Vaginal delivery and C-section physical recovery Feeding baby Sleep deprivation management Pain relief options (traditional and holistic options) Postpartum depression and anxiety Body image and self care Your resources available to help and so much more! We recommend that you schedule any postpartum prep classes to end prior to 30 days of your expected due date.


This is an online event. Your instructor will provide you with instructions on how to attend after you sign up for the event.



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Tickets are non-refundable unless further stated. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact support@bornbir.com.

About the provider

Carly & Megan , your postpartum nurse besties

We are postpartum nurses who empower you to have a fourth trimester where you feel safe, prepared and empowered. With so much emphasis during pregnancy on childbirth and baby care, it often leaves little room left for YOU. We teach you what to expect for postpartum before you're in it. And give you the community to cheer you on when you are there.

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