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New York, New York
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My best friend asked me to be "her doula" 17 years ago. I flew to LA and planned to be there for 10 days in hopes the baby would come in that window of time. I sang and whispered into her belly and Introduced myself to her baby. We had quite a time during the labor as her midwives guided her through the experience. She was incredible! She chose a home birth which ended at the hospital. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Witnessing the birth was transcendent and inspiring! When I flew back to NYC, I vowed that when our youngest daughter was in college, I would become a Doula. I grew up in Minnesota. I graduated with a BFA from the acting program at the University of North Carolina School of the Performing Arts. I have a background in dance, singing, yoga and martial arts. I was an American Council of Exercise certified personal trainer for 12 years. When I became pregnant, becoming a certified prenatal trainer was ideal. I especially loved working with all my pregnant clients. Having an online health and wellness business with Arbonne International has been another passion of mine. Over the years, I have coached a team on how to build their own online businesses and shared this opportunity in a public speaking setting for large groups. I teach my clients the benefits of aligning with a vegan brand they can trust and the value of choosing a B corporation, and living a more green lifestyle. I am a certified Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula with the International Doula Institute. I am also certified as a Perinatal Nutrition Educator, Birth Educator and Lactation Counselor. I hold a certification in Diversity Equity and Inclusion. I am also first aid, AED/CPR certified for pediatric and adults through the Red cross. Being present, and relying on my emotional intelligence, knowledge and discernment, helps me to navigate how to best listen and anticipate a person's needs. I embody joyful humor as my way to serve others. I bring warm energy, passion and authenticity to the people I spend time with. I'm a lifelong student who loves to learn, grow and collaborate. I believe these qualities, as a birth team member, contribute to the overall outcome and experience of all involved. I live in Harlem with my husband. We have two daughters. Hobbies: singing in choir, biking, and lifting weights. I also enjoy baking, reading and traveling. I love conversations over dinner with my husband and friends, and going to the theater and jazz clubs. Walking in nature each day is key to living in my joy, and of course, fitting as many plants and flowers into our home as humanly possible!


BFA in Acting, University of North Carolina School of the Arts (1993)

Certification and training

Certified Birth Doula with International Doula Institute (2022)

Certified Postpartum Doula with International Doula Institute (2023)

Certified Breast Feeding Counselor with International Doula Institute (2023)

Certified Perinatal Nutrition Educator with International Doula Institute (2023)

Certified Child Birth Educator with International Doula Institute (2023)

Certified Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED with the Red Cross (2023)

The Carriage House Birth- Doula Mentorship Program (2023)

Certificate of completion in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with International Doula Institute (2022)

Training: Birth Education Class with Carriage House Birth (2023)

Training: The Doulas Doula Program with Carriage House Birth (2024)

Training: Newborn Care with Carriage House Birth (2024)

Training: Comforting Touch for Doulas by Yiska Obadia (2024)

Memberships and affiliations

Affiliated Doula with Boober

Afilliated Doula with Carriage House Birth

Afilliated Doula with DoulaMatch.net

Birth Doula Breastfeeding Support Childbirth Education Evidence-Based Care Labor Doula Lactation Consultation Postpartum Care Support during Labor, Birth, and Postpartum Yoga Birth and Lactation Birth Support Breastfeeding Consultation Building Healthy Communication Healthy Eating Keeping Fit Natural Birth Natural Childbirth Newborn Care Postnatal Yoga Postpartum Doula Care Prenatal Yoga


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Service introduction

Your birth partner knows and loves you. I know birth! It makes for a great support team alongside your Midwives, Nurses and/or Doctor. In preparation, we will create your birth wishes for your sacred day. As your Doula, I come alongside with flexible collaboration. Home birth, Birthing Center or Hospital, I bring a calm steady presence, positive mindset, often infused with quiet focused energy, to support you in moving thru each surge with strength, love, humor and grace.

Perinatal Nutrition Education
Join me on zoom and learn ways to nourish you body thru pregnancy and beyond. How breastfeeding/body feeding benefits both you and your baby for years to come. Explore the benefits with an open mindset in a non-judgemental exploration for what works best for you and your family. 90 minutes.
USD Flat rate
"OMG! We just had a baby!"
Meeting you at your home, Setting up your space, Safety and convenience, Consultation on all things baby, How to change diaper, How to bathe and care for baby, Feeding baby, Sleep and self care, Nutrition and Meal preperation, Dressing and changing, Baby massage, Partner/Family/Friends support, Managing your boundaries, Tools on how to ask for help from loved ones in ways that actually really help you. 1 visit. 3 hours
USD Flat rate
Birth Doula
2 in person, prenatal visits for Coaching and Education in preparation for your birth. ( 1-2 hours each) We will create your preferences for labor and body feeding. Prenatal support by email and phone and access to free lending library. On call support From 2 weeks pre/post estimated due date. I will support you thru your labor and will stay 1-2 hours after birth, for babies first feeding. We will have one post visit within 2 weeks of birth to process your experience and discuss referrals, and explore what you and your family need in your 4th trimester for additional support and simple, practical self care routines. Note: travel fee - my lyft rides to and from the labor. Note: Birth fee has a sliding scale from 2,000-3,200
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Ratings and reviews
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3/5/2024 It was very daunting starting a search for a Doula, but when I met with Julia I felt at ease. She felt familiar, like someone I could really talk to about anything in a non-judgmental way. She’s warm, funny and such a positive person that you can’t help but feel excited about your birth!! One of the things that stood out to me was the way she wanted to not only support me, but support my partner. From the very beginning she was actively involved, easy to communicate with and there for whatever I needed.  Even though she had other clients at the same time, I always felt prioritized and she was always very flexible. Our prenatal visits were comforting, fun, informative and just what I needed to feel ready for labor. We went over multiple laboring positions that I could work with my husband on and we felt fully prepped on what happens in early labor and ways to move through it. Most importantly she advocated for us & helped guide us at the hospital when we got there. We were basically given the option to either return home to labor more or become admitted and be induced.  Julia helped us come to a decision- we asked to be admitted to a room for a couple of hours to see how much I would dilate naturally. The PA said yes, I was admitted and Julia and I labored down for the next 5 to 6 hours. She lead me through different positions and we welcomed the contractions together. It was truly a transformative time that I will never forget and I couldn’t have done it without her. While the pain was intense, Julia was with me every step of the way, lifting me up and encouraging me and I went from 2 to almost 6 cm in about 6 hours. Even after I got an epidural she kept me moving in the hospital bed, which was a goal of mine. She was a source of support and someone you could really count on in the hospital. We were very lucky to have a wonderful, magical birth- I wouldn’t have changed a thing and I can’t recommend Julia enough!!

- Nora G.


Provider’s Professionalism: 5/5 Provider’s Compassion & Understanding: 5/5 Provider’s Knowledge: 5/5 Likely to recommend Provider: Yes Comments: Having Julia with me for the postpartum period was truly gamechanging. She introduced me to techniques and supported me through challenges in ways I know I wouldn’t have done on my own. She helped with newborn care for my son from 3 days old to 6 weeks old, helped me get breastfeeding established, made great recommendations for my own recovery from a c-section, helped me get extra much-needed sleep, and provided stability for our family making those important first weeks. She brought loving care, wisdom, humor, and authentic support to every member of our family, including our 7-year old going through the transition to being a big sister. She is truly a bright light and a joy, and I heartily recommend working with her!

- Stephanie B.


Our new little family couldn’t be more grateful for Julia. We highly recommend her as a doula. We’ll be forever connected. I knew from the moment I met her that she’d be our doula and help us bring our baby into the world. She really sets the standard for doula care, having been there from the moment we partnered with her. She helped us prepare for labor both strategically and most importantly, emotionally, in our prenatal visits. We created a great relationship going into labor. She made room for my husband to partner with her and feel confident in how he could be there for me and the baby during labor. When it came to my labor, she was the exact person I needed on my birth team in addition to my midwife, doctor, nurses and my husband. She worked so great with medical staff. She was prepared for an insane all-night labor, had a sense of humor that was undeniably helpful, and knew steps ahead on what type of care I needed. Our labor and delivery room was set up with magical with lights and when the time called for it, laughter. I had fun giving birth! It was such a memorable experience, we’ll be forever grateful.

- Colleen M.


Client Feedback Provider’s Professionalism: 5/5 Provider’s Compassion & Understanding: 5/5 Provider’s Knowledge: 5/5 Likely to recommend Provider: Yes Likely to recommend boober: 10/10 Comments: Julia has been enormously helpful to our little family in these first few weeks following our daughter’s birth. She’s provided invaluable advice and support as we navigate new parenthood. Cannot recommend highly enough.

- Caroline P.


KNOWLEDGE 5.0 COMPASSION 5.0 PROFESSIONALISM 5.0 C.Z. Postpartum Doula November 2023 From the moment Julia joined our family's journey when William was just 5 months old, she has been nothing short of a blessing. Her passion for her work is evident in every interaction, lighting up our experience with her warmth and dedication. Julia's knowledge about baby care is astounding. She has been a treasure trove of information, providing us with invaluable advice and support. Her ability to infuse humor into our sessions not only made the journey enjoyable but also helped ease our anxieties. What truly sets Julia apart is her exceptional communication skills. She is an incredible listener, always attentive to our concerns and questions. Her responses are thoughtful and insightful, making us feel heard and understood. She has been with us every step of the way, offering support, laughter, and a listening ear. Her presence has been a source of comfort and joy for our family. One of Julia's most thoughtful gestures was creating a customized music list for William. It's not just any playlist; it's a collection of soothing melodies and rhythms that seem to magically calm and delight him. This personalized touch demonstrates her commitment to providing care that's tailored to our baby's unique needs.

- Cathy Z.


Julia was literally the best! 5 star experience. She labored with me for over 24 hours. She helped in labor positions, food, water, positive energy and intent. She was fully supportive especially when I couldn’t think and she advocated on my behalf which is really the most important. I love her and my family loves her. We share bond forever. She comes highly recommended. Please use her services!!

- Ice D.


I am so grateful to have had Julia as my doula! As a first time mom, this is the support I needed to get through a non medicated birth. I had originally planned a home birth, but I needed to go to the hospital for induction. I was extremely nervous to be in the hospital setting, but with her I felt safe. She was a pro at advocating for me and definitely had my back in the delivery room. I highly recommend her if you want to have a great birthing experience!

- Gabby B.


Julia was encouraging, uplifting, lots of energy, supportive, caring, on point, helping me and our partner stay focused on our goal which was to have a natural birth.

- John R.


Julia attended the birth of my son and It was the most magical experience of my life. She has a very loving and calming presence and was so attentive. Julia cares deeply about the health and well being of both the mother and baby and is focused and knowledgeable. My hope was to have a home birth but after laboring and pushing for too long, I eventually needed to transfer to a hospital. I was disappointed, but Julia stayed with me the entire time and was at my feet, literally, helping with the final pushes that welcomed my sweet Oliver into the world. I was able to deliver naturally and go home fairly quickly. It ended up being a fantastic birth all around! I am so grateful Julia was with me— she is so competent and compassionate and she will always put the needs of your baby and family first. You are in the best hands possible with her and I cannot recommend her as a doula highly enough!

- Catherine E.


Julia is a truly outstanding person. I have nothing but praise for her. Since I chose to become a single parent, I was pleasantly surprised by her enthusiasm and support before, during, and after my birth. Her advice and words of support  were very beneficial. I sincerely valued her help. Her inspirational remarks gave me a sense of power and helped me get through. The way she treated me made me feel at ease in her presence. She was my friend as well as my doula. She was completely open with her responses and made me feel at ease. I want Julia to stand by my side even for my next birth! She really has this positive vibe that made me very comfortable....and Shes really a funny person, I enjoy her company.

- Fatima M.

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