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About me

I've been a Lactation Consultant in hospital practice for five years, in private practice for three years, a labor and delivery nurse for eight years, and am a newly certified childbirth educator. I provide evidence-based, nonjudgmental, trauma informed, holistic, root cause analysis breastfeeding support. I specialize in treating babies with "colic"/reflux/allergies- let's get your little one back to the happy baby you know they can be!


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2016)

Associates Degree in Nursing (2014)

Certification and training

DONA Birth Doula (2013)

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (2017)

Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Education Instructor (2021)

MotherWoman Postpartum Support Group Facilitator (2016)

Memberships and affiliations



Birth and Lactation Hormone Imbalances Lactation Consultation Latch Issues Support during Labor, Birth, and Postpartum Adoption Allergies Breastfeeding Assistance and Support Breastfeeding Consultation Breastfeeding Support Childbirth Education Evidence-Based Care Exclusive Pumping/Bottle Feeding Infant Care LGBTQ+ Low Milk Supply/Over Supply Newborn Care Nipple and Breast Pain


Service introduction

Virtual lactation consultations, tongue tie evaluations, in-home lactation consultations, follow up consultations, prenatal consultations, unlimited follow up support via text and phone after any type of consultation. I specialize in treating babies with "colic"/reflux/allergies!

Follow Up Lactation Consultation
Up to 1.5hr follow up consultation after an initial consultation.
USD Flat rate
Prenatal Lactation Consultation
1 hour prenatal lactation consultation for assessing your lactation needs and planning for postpartum
USD Flat rate
Virtual Lactation Consultation
Up to 1.5hr comprehensive lactation consultation over Zoom.
USD Flat rate
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