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About me

Welcome - my name is Lindsey, and I'm the doula behind Blue Hazel Birth Services. Supporting people through their birth journey has been a dream of mine for over a decade and I feel blessed to have been living this dream for the past 2 years. I have a deep passion for nurturing and empowering those around me through challenging transitions, and my love of all things birth has combined with this to lead me into a career as a birth doula. I believe that birth is a sacred experience for the birthing family and my role as your birth doula is always to support and empower you through your experience - this means creating and holding space for you, to your level of comfort with the birth experience. It means never overshadowing or replacing the connection that is built between partners during the birth experience - only ever heightening it.​ I believe that all birthing people and their partners have the right to support through their birth experience, should they desire it. This means that I support both couples and single birthers of all backgrounds without discrimination.​ No matter where you are on your journey towards birth, you are welcome here. Please visit my website at for more information, contact information and a full suite of testimonials. I can't wait to meet you.


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (2005)

Certification and training

Birth Doula - CD(DONA) (2021)

Yoga Instructor - (CYT250) (2012)

Prenatal Yoga Instructor (2021)

Memberships and affiliations

DONA International

Calgary Doula Association

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Service introduction

I am a DONA Certified birth doula, mom to two boys and am passionate about empowering birthing people and couples through their own birth experiences. I believe that every birth matters and that compassionate and informed support should be available to anyone who desires it. I offer a wide range of birth support AND payment options but am also happy to customize based on your own personal preferences and needs - please inquire directly for low-barrier birth rates and planned cesarean birth rates. Looking for prenatal yoga?? You've come to the right place as I am also a certified prenatal yoga instructor with 10 years of teaching experience and I love the connection between the teachings of yoga and the practice of birth. Please reach out to chat, ask questions or for an interview - I cannot wait to meet you!

Your Birth Package
Your birth package includes two one-hour prenatal meetings, unlimited support via phone, text or email throughout the duration of your pregnancy, on-call labor support between 38 - 42 weeks and one one-hour postnatal meeting.
CAD Flat rate
Your Planned Cesarean Birth Package
You Planned Cesarean Birth package includes two one-hour prenatal meetings, unlimited support via phone, text or email throughout the duration of your pregnancy, attendance at your cesarean birth - pre-op, post-op and postpartum, and one one-hour postnatal meeting.
CAD Flat rate
Prenatal Yoga Package
4 - 60 minute private prenatal yoga classes based on vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha or yin teachings curated to your specific preferences and abilities. Note that virtual options and single class pricing is available - please reach out to inquire.
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Ratings and reviews
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Lindsey was the emotional and physical support that I wish I would have had with my first baby! Birth is an out of this world experience, and Lindsey’s touch and voice brought me back into my body. She was so sweet and nurturing and I felt so well taken care of the whole time. I couldn’t have done it without her.

- Katey G.


We are so thankful for the support and guidance Lindsey gave us during our pregnancy and especially during labour and delivery. My husband and I were so grateful that Lindsey was with us offering emotional and physical support, our experience would have been 100% different without her there. She was constantly checking in with both of us to make sure we were ok mentally and physically and when our plans changed to an emergency cesarean she was incredibly calm and kept us calm. We cannot thank her enough for everything she did for us and would 100% recommend Lindsey if you are thinking of adding a doula to your birth team.

- Sarah T.


Our birth story started earlier than expected and didn’t go “as planned” but Lindsey’s kindness and support helped us feel confident and in control throughout the entire journey. Whether it was a reminder to breathe or calm words of encouragement, she always seemed to know just what I needed to hear and just when it was time to try something new. Lindsey made all the difference in creating a positive birth experience for us and we are incredibly grateful to have had her by our side as we brought our baby girl into this world. We wouldn’t consider doing it again without her.

- Meghan A.


From the minute I met with Lindsey she gave me such a sense of comfort and ease- I knew immedatly I would hire her for my 3rd home birth. Lindsey was great at checking in on me and keeping in touch throughout my pregancy. She is so knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions I had for her. During my birth she promply arrived and immedialty stepped in to help ease my rollercoaster of contractions. Lindsey quickly adapted to try anything I requested of her keeping me calm, present and in the moment while offering words of encouragement to keep me going. She did everything we had discussed in my birth plan and more. Lindsey was such an amazing birth coach that went above any beyond, she took picutures and send the most amazing birth story. It was so great to have the prespective of someone else in the room, this was truly something so special and she captured it perfectly. I couldnt of imagined a more perfect birth experience to bring my daughter into this world and am so happy to have shared it with Lindsey.

- Jamie M.


As a first time momma, I had no idea what to expect from my birth. I took hiring my doula VERY seriously... I interviewed 7 different doulas! The first doula I interviewed was Lindsey, and I instantly felt a connection with her over the phone. I loved her background in education and yoga, her humour and heart. She followed up with me a couple days later to see how my interviews were going… something I really appreciated - she was on the ball! I decided to go with her and couldn’t wait for our journey together. Throughout the prebirth process she was VERY helpful. Any questions or concerns I had, she would send me an answer asap. I felt very supported by her. She was accountable , trustworthy and reliable. I went into labour 17 days early which was a total surprise! She came to our house and was an absolute godsend. Lindsey had the magic touch, soothing voice and kind words to hold space for me. I can honestly say she made it a magical experience and I couldn’t have imagined doing it without her. Her massage and pressure points relieved my pain. She was by my side, reminding me how strong and amazing I was. When it came time to push she held my hand and took photos/videos - which was something I really wanted and I am beyond thankful that we have those memories! A couple days later, she sent us our birth story from her perspective to our son. Having that sweet memory from her perspective and reading her kind words about us and the labour is something that I will cherish forever. I can not brag about Lindsey enough. She is kind, warm hearted, patient, skilled and an absolute gem. My midwife was also extremely impressed by her. I will be hiring Lindsey to help me deliver all of my babies moving forward. If you value love, words of affirmation and physical touch, Lindsey is your girl <3

- Jessica P.


The birth of our son was a life event that we will always remember and we could not have asked for a better birth coach than Lindsey. From the beginning of our engagement with Lindsey we found her to be professional, knowledgable, approachable and supportive as a coach and mentor throughout the course of the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. During the birthing process everything changed when Lindsey arrived in the L&D room. She was calming and reassuring to both myself and my partner, was able to read the room and very quickly partnered with the nursing staff to coach me through the labour. I can confidently say that she contributed to a positive birthing experience, one that went exactly as we had hoped for. So many things I could talk about; like answering our texts and calls with knowledge and empathy, writing a beautiful birth story for us, taking pictures during the birth, and yoga, just to name a few. Lindsey is an excellent Doula. She provided emotional, physical, and knowledge based support during pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. We are so grateful to have had her and will always consider her a dear family friend.

- Annie N.


Lindsey was my doula, as a first time mother. My partner and I were planning a hospital birth with our midwife and I had been encouraged to find a doula by my other mom friends. To be honest, when I imagined my baby’s birth i wasn’t sure how much of a role I envisioned a doula playing as I am a very private person and anticipated my labor to be a private experience shared with my partner until it was time for the midwife to join us. Despite this, Lindsey and I had a great first meeting and I was welcoming of having the additional support at my fingertips. Having Lindsey’s support during my labor and birth ended up being the single best decision I have ever made that was exclusively for ME. Lindsey has an incredible intuition for exactly what is welcome, wanted and needed in any given moment; whether that is to allow space or to offer physical support. I had no idea how much I would rely on her support in the moment. In the end, our planned hospital birth was an unexpectedly quick arrival by baby at home in the shower and while my partner dealt with informing our midwife (and EMS) Lindsey ensured I was never alone and held space in the best possible way for me. This is her most incredible talent; to sense exactly what YOU need in the moment. She really is a superwoman and I cannot fathom how my birth experience would have been, without her. Thank you Lindsey for sharing this incredible experience with us, we are forever grateful and I am forever bonded with you in love and sisterhood.

- Michelle F.


From the moment I started talking to Lindsey during our consultation, I knew she was exactly what I needed when I embarked on my first pregnancy journey. My main concern was that although I didn't expect her to agree with my views, I NEEDED her to respect mine and to meet me where I was at with them. She said this was very important to her, and through my entire pregnancy and birth experience, she did not disappoint. She guided me with questions about pregnancy and birth, and was very clear about which questions were more suited for my midwifery team. She was always available to chat, whether I had just had a bad day, or if I had a concern. Lindsey has a way of mirroring your feelings, while also asking the right questions that get you thinking or feeling good/better. We had many laughs, even during active labour, and when that time came I felt completely comfortable and empowered with her there. She guided me through positioning, and breathing techniques that ultimately gave me the most amazing birth story; better than I could have imagined. As a first time mom being told my labour would likely be long, and that I would probably go way overdue... Lindsey helped me manifest my two hour unmedicated home birth. She never doubted me. If you are wondering if hiring a doula is worth it... Lindsey is game changing!

- Karlie D.


Lindsey is an extremely kind, caring, and compassionate doula. Her extensive knowledge around prenatal and birth experiences is both impressive and reassuring, and she has a talent for translating everything into a language that you can understand — even when you’re in active labour and nothing seems to make sense anymore. I also found Lindsey to be incredibly intuitive - she often knew what I needed even when I couldn’t communicate it, and offered comforting solutions that I never would have thought to ask for. I felt deeply supported, seen, and safe from the start of our working together all the way through to the days after our birthing experience and beyond. Even my husband felt deeply supported and grateful for her presence, as she helped him feel more comfortable in his role in the delivery room, too. She was incredible to have as a part of my birth team, and if I ever decide to have another baby, she will be the first person I call!

- Julie V.