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About me

Hi There! I'm Maddie, I am a C-FSD ('22) and live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Being a doula is my identity above all other identities. My training with Birthing Advocacy guides my approach which is: evidence-based, unbiased, judgment-free, and trauma-informed. My goal is for you to have an empowered experience with this transformative life event. I am also deeply passionate about menstrual health and providing people with the details of this biological process and its physiological response, and how to build a collaborative relationship with the menstrual cycle (a key indicator of your overall health!). When I am not talking about reproductive health, you’ll find me spending my time learning about life. I am a creative and my favorite expression is through photos. I am a student of my spirituality. I love to move my body, travel, cook, and love – all things that teach us about life and connect us to the people and the earth around us.


Communication Arts (2015)

Certification and training

Certified Full-Spectrum Doula, Birthing Advocacy (2022)

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Service introduction

From menstruation, to pregnancy, labor, & birth, to postpartum, to abortion, to dealing with loss, my goal is to provide you with evidence-based information that enables you to be an active participant in your healthcare.

Becoming A Parent Preparation & Support
In this package, I provide emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support throughout pregnancy and birth. Prior to birth, I provide private, custom childbirth education and preparation including advocacy tools. We'll get to know each other and what you want to learn and put together a package of information. After learning that info, I'll provide assistance with the creation of birth vision and backup options: plans a, b, c. If you wish, your partner will be a birth expert with my support & guidance. I will attend your labor and support you throughout labor and birth. If you have a partner, they will also be receiving my guidance and support. Before the arrival of baby, I'll help you with what I call "prenatal postpartum preparation" PPP. We'll mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare for the postpartum space by setting up your home to be postpartum friendly & we'll talk about setting up additional support and boundaries so that you have a smooth transition back home.
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Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Film Photography
I would be honored to capture tender pregnancy, birth, and postpartum moments. I take color or black & white film photos and clients will be invoiced for the cost of the film (varies) and developing the film.
USD Per hour
Menstrual Awareness
This package is about getting in touch with your cycle. You'll receive education on the cycle (biological and physiological), plus education on how our cycle mimics different cycles in nature. Getting back in touch with our cycles is getting back in touch with ourselves. Our period is an opportunity for new life - literally and metaphorically. When it is off, it is a signal that something is off in our body. Understanding our cycle is a key to the lock of our own health and sexuality. Understanding our cycle brings a new approach to conception, and alternative methods of contraception, and a new perspective on how you can move through the world. I love to do this class in group settings with all gender identities.
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