Summer Colt

Childbirth Educator
Lakewood, Colorado
7 years of experience
About me

I am deeply passionate about supporting new and expecting mothers. My own life experience coupled with my 6 month INNATE Postpartum Practitioner Training will support mothers to thriving vital life. I offer an INNATE Planning For the Fourth Trimester Course, to prepare expectant mothers for the rigors of motherhood. I also offer in person support, with mother as CENTER, as we bring mother into health & vitality, the entire family system thrives as a result.


Bachelor of Science Marketing (2001)

Certification and training

INNATE Postpartum Practitioner (Doula) Certification (2021)

Advanced Maternal Age Babywearing Belly Binding Birth Trauma Breastfeeding Support Building Healthy Communication Childbirth Education Evidence-Based Care Grief and Loss Health Coach Healthy Eating Herbal Postpartum Care Insomnia Mindfulness Natural Birth Natural Childbirth Newborn Care Parenting Support Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Perinatal Mood Disorders Postpartum Adjustment Postpartum Care Postpartum Depression Postpartum Doula Care Postpartum Life Pregnancy Loss Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum Therapy Self-Compassion Stress Management


Service introduction

Thriving mothers lead to thriving children, thriving children lead to thriving communities. In this course we will work together to create a unique Postpartum Care Plan for each family. These Postpartum Care Plans are preventative of so many of the possible postpartum pitfalls (perinatal mood disorders, digestive health issues, relationship challenges, pelvic floor health disorders, and much more). We will create a supportive community container in our time shared together. You will be able to lean on the people you bond with in this course during the very intense early days of the postpartum and beyond. The course is packed with proven postpartum wisdom, supported by modern evidence-based research, to aid in creating a mother's lifelong health and vigor.

INNATE Postpartum Care - Planning for the Fourth Trimester Course
This course is to guide mothers in creating a blissful postpartum period. We will go over the 5 pillars of a thriving postpartum, create a tailored postpartum plan, meeting virtually for 5 classes (additional class times will be added if necessary). The final class is a one-to-one with the instructor (myself) to get the postpartum plan fully in place. It is a live in-person course.
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Summer came to my home after I had my first baby at age 35. The first thing you notice about Summer is her kind and gentle nature. She was so easy to talk to, and a truly great listener when I described my pregnancy and birth story. The Rebozo Ceremony was the highlight of the treatment for me, it was incredibly fulfilling, and helped me feel some closure both physically and psychologically with the miraculous and traumatic event of childbirth. It was very moving and spiritual for me. I also received the Moxa Box treatment, which strengthened that sense of healing and relaxation. Summer checked up on me after the session, and sent me resources to help with the healing and rejuvenation of my C-section scar. I would highly recommend Summer’s services for all families entering that crucial post-partum stage! She is amazing!!

- Briana A.

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