When to Pay Your Doula? (Deposit, Contract, and More)

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care for Everyone

Before sending a deposit to your doula, it's important to gather comprehensive information to ensure you are making an informed decision. Here is a checklist of questions and information you should consider:

Credentials and Experience

  1. Certification and Training:
    • Is the doula certified? If so, by which organization?
    • What training and certifications does the doula have?
  2. Experience:
    • How many years of experience does the doula have?
    • How many births has the doula attended?
    • Does the doula have experience with specific types of births (e.g., home births, hospital births, water births)?

Services and Support

  1. Services Offered:
    • What specific services does the doula offer (e.g., prenatal visits, continuous labor support, postpartum visits)?
    • Does the doula offer any additional services, such as childbirth education or lactation consulting?
  2. Availability:
  3. Support Style:
    • What is the doula‚Äôs philosophy and approach to labor and birth support?
    • How does the doula work with the rest of your birth team, including your partner and medical providers?