Denese Norris
Hopkins, South Carolina
38 years of experience
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About me

I’m a believer, I’ve been an RN for 36 years and a Licensed Midwife for 16. I have 6 children (mostly grown now) and 6 grandbabies. I personally have had c sections, epidurals, hospital births and a homebirth. I raise chickens, rabbits and goats for eggs, meat and milk. I love to make cheeses, herbal tinctures, infused oils, soaps, kimchi, cultured vegetables, and everything fermented. I love to garden. I play in my churches praise team and love mission work.


Associate degree Nursing (1986)

Certification and training

Licensed Midwife (2005)

Birth and Lactation


Service introduction

I offer homebirth services in the greater Columbia area. I provide prenatal visits every month until the 28th week of gestation, every two weeks until 36 weeks and then every week until delivery. I provide one prenatal home visit and will attend your birth along with another trained staff member. I will return to your home 24-36 hrs after your birth to check both you and your baby to make sure you are both bonding and doing well. I am in close contact over next couple of weeks via phone and/or text for questions and then will see you in my office at 6 weeks for final visit

Midwifery global care
As described above: prenatal visits at office, labor and birth support from two trained staff members in your home (one licensed midwife and a trained assistant or two licensed midwives), postpartum care, and newborn exam
USD Flat rate
Placental encapsulation
If I am hired as your midwife I will encapsulate your placenta at a discounted rate (($50 off)
USD Flat rate