Elizabeth Cano

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Hanover, New Jersey
About me

Her passion for childbirth began in her birthing her four children within five years and learning the amazing power of the mind, soul, and body in physiologic birth and thereafter. Becoming a DONA trained Doula has given her the professional skills and resources to help other birthing people and their partner(s) awaken and tune into this power. As your Doula, she is honored to hold space for you and meet you where you are along your reproductive journey. She will provide emotional, informational, and physical support and hold your hand as you learn to advocate for your preferences in what is the most personal and sacred time in your life. By encouraging you to feel confident, fully supported, in control of your choices, and well equipped with the tools and comfort measures, her goal is to help you optimize any path your birth takes. She especially wants to do all she can to educate the community about the power of birth support, increase access to these evidence based services, and work with BBIPOC and trans and queer birthing people who often experience trauma and inequitable care along their gestational journey. As a Latinx Doula, she is a strong proponent of reclaiming and honoring the cultural roots of birthing communities and their traditional practices. Elizabeth is bilingual in Spanish.

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BIRTH SUPPORT We hold space for gestating/ pregnant and birthing people by offering unbiased and unconditional advocacy, education, emotional support and birth preparation tools prenatally as well as alternatives to pain management and individualized comfort measures during birth. POSTPARTUM SUPPORT We help new parents get grounded during their transition post-natally by allowing more space for healing, rest, self-care, self-confidence, education, and overall support including feeding guidance, overnight newborn care, help with household activities, a listening ear and direct access to a network of resources.

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