Helena Whitwell
Offers virtual services
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Bristol, England
5 years of experience
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About me

I am a birth doula located in Bristol. I am available for full birth packages but also offer stand alone antenatal and postnatal sessions online and in person. I particularly find myself supporting women emotionally, in preparation for birth, as well as debriefing, processing and celebrating what happened during birth and pregnancy. I also help women to involve their faith in the journey if relevant 😊

Certification and training

Doula training, Nurturing Birth (2019)

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Service introduction

Online faith-based pregnancy retreats. Birth debriefs, processing trauma. Pre and postnatal prayer- counselling. Birth doula package. In person support at birth, on call from 38 weeks. Stand alone birth preparation and postnatal sessions. Tailored client-led support as needed!

Birth doula
3x antenatal sessions On call from 38 weeks Present during labour and birth as needed 2x postnatal support sessions
GBP Flat rate
Pregnancy Retreat
Pregnancy Retreats to journey with God. (group retreats online, 3 hours)
GBP Flat rate
Antenatal and postnatal support
Tailored 1:1 support online or in person if local Including anxiety management and processing difficulty or trauma on pregnancy and birth. Safe space to talk and process.
GBP Per hour
Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

I attended a Pregnancy & Postpartum retreat run by Helena, and had a birth afterthoughts session with her to help me process a traumatic birth experience. All 3 of these experiences were really helpful in my journey to and into motherhood. Helena guides you through each session in such a calm and God centred way. She helped me to find ways to bring God into my pregnancy and labour, and really helped me to process my birth experience and offer it to God. I would really recommend her to expecting and new Mums!

- Abi F.