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Chapel Hill, North Carolina
21 years of experience
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About me

My name is Leigh-ann and I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and founder of Sleep Connections. Sleep Connections provides exhausted parents with one-on-one, personalized support, empowering them to guide their little ones towards deeper, quality sleep. Born in those moments of tiredness with my own children, Sleep Connections’ purpose is to connect with you on an individual level, identify your specific needs, and to create a sleep plan. I’ve been there, in the exact same situation: exhausted, unsure, overwhelmed, and needing solutions to my child’s sleep issues…yesterday. It’s difficult to wade through the sea of information out there or even know where to begin or the right approach to take. That’s where I come in; to help you develop a plan catered to your life, your child’s unique needs, and with your sleep goals in mind.


BA with a concentration in Sports Medicine (2000)

Certification and training

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant (2021)

CNA (2016)

Memberships and affiliations

The Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Infant Care Sleep Consultant Toddlers


Service introduction

Along with my experience with my own two children, I’ve worked with infants and toddlers for over 20 years – as a nanny, a nurse assistant in a pediatric intensive care unit, a home daycare provider, and a sleep consultant. Whether your child is transitioning nap schedules, waking in the night or early morning, moving to a toddler bed, or struggling with sleep, I’ve seen it all. From naps to nighttime, there’s no challenge too big or too small. I’m here to guide you through this process. My goal is to empower you to achieve your goals and get the sleep your family needs. I care deeply about your progress, and I am dedicated to providing judgment-free support every step of the way.

Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

Our 4.5-month-old was waking up almost every hour every night, and we were quickly losing hope, feeling like we were doomed to terrible sleep for years. Leigh-ann helped us navigate the best way to work through her struggles, and we were seeing improvement within just a couple of days. We’re incredibly thankful for her guidance, constant support, and accessibility, especially the late-evening texting to answer our questions and provide reassurance. Thanks to Leigh-ann, bedtime is no longer a source of stress. Our baby girl is now sleeping 11-12 hours straight most nights, and we’re all so much happier!

- Jonathan S.


The reason I decided to sleep train my little one (@ 9mos) was because I was due to go back to work in about 1-1.5mos. Leigh-ann assured me that there will be nights that are better than the others and to be consistent with the plan. Long story short— after 2.5-3 weeks(which seemed like forever) of sleep training, my little one is sleeping through the night. There were regressions (24 mos sleep regression) which lasted about 2 weeks and then little one just resumed to his routine. Little one is now— 28mos. Leigh-ann, I cannot thank you enough. You’ve been wonderful. Thank you for your support and assurance throughout the process.

- Xylica O.