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Hollywood, Florida
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About me

Hello everyone, my name is Raynetta Irish but I am known as Doula Ray of ☀️. I am a proud wife of 6 years to the love of my life, and mommy to a beautiful baby boy. I became a doula to help families experience their journeys their way and to empower them to know they always can. I am a certified fertility, birth, and postpartum doula. I also am a child birth educator and breastfeeding counselor. So excited to meet and connect with you and your growing family.

Certification and training

Birth Doula Certification, INTERNATIONAL DOULA INSTITUTE (2021)

Postpartum Doula Certification, INTERNATIONAL DOULA INSTITUTE (2021)


Fertility Doula, Midwifery Institute (2021)

Breastfeeding Counselor, INTERNATIONAL DOULA INSTITUTE (2021)

Memberships and affiliations

National Doula Network

Birth Doula Birth Support Breastfeeding Assistance and Support Childbirth Education Faith-Based Counseling Health Coach Hormone Imbalances Infertility Keeping Fit Labor Doula Nutritional Counseling Parenting Support Positive Thinking Postpartum Adjustment Postpartum Doula Care


Service introduction

Sweet Baby Buddy is known to Helping families learn what’s needed for their journey up ahead (mother, partner, and children), we help families feel accepted and most importantly loved and involved.

Virtual Support
3 1 hour virtual prenatals meetings (Discussing the topics of: - The different types of births -What are inductions (pros and cons) -step by step of what to expect when you are in labor) -Laboring positions and breathing techniques -recovery tips for postpartum Virtual support during labor and delivery 1 1 hour virtual postpartum meeting.
USD Flat rate
Childbirth Education
3 1 hour virtual meetings to properly prepare you for labor and delivery as well as tips to assist with postpartum phase.
USD Flat rate
Breastfeeding Consult
Discuss ways to improve your practice of breastfeeding and how to be more comfortable.
USD Per hour
Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

I am a young mother without a mother of my own. Nearing the end of my pregnancy I was so scared and lost. Mrs. Raynetta not only helped my through my birthing experience but my postpartum recovery as well. In my darkest and most scariest moments she was there for me. She offered vital information and support that helped me through the process. The care and love she takes is only Gods love in human form. No words can express my gratitude. Forever grateful.

- Sherice G.


Words can’t express how much I love and appreciate this amazing woman. I can’t talk about my experience without mentioning her. This was my 3rd pregnancy second child and my first time having a doula apart of my pregnancy journey. Raynetta was phenomenal! She listened, she’s caring, kept me informed with anything that could help me. She was always a phone call or text message away. I was truly blessed to have her presence at my birth she was great and we are still contact til this day.

- Lornima E.


Where do I start, The very first day I met Ray I had an instant connection. She has helped me so much throughout my pregnancy and delivery. It was such a pleasure having her assist me through the journey. After all of our sessions I felt so empowered by all of the info I received. Literally my pregnancy best friend! Thank you so much for your outstanding services Raynetta.

- Conneshia W.


Doula Ray was 100000/10 she was my pregnancy bestie! Lol she checked on me constantly and answered any concerning questions I had and NEVER missed a follow up. What tops it all for me is she literally stayed up until I gave birth to my little one which wasn’t until 12:00am after being in labor since 10 am that day ! Even tho all my services were virtual I felt like she was by my side the whole time ! She is amazing and I’ll do it all over again just to have her as my doula 🥰

- Kia J.


Doula Ray is actively helping me through my fertility journey and I am learning so much about my body and how to properly care for it during this portion of the journey. I love that she treats me with care and not like I am just another client. she gives so much support emotionally and makes sure me and my husband are informed. if you are trying to conceive she is the person for the job!

- Genevieve H.


I am a young mother and this is my first. I came in this knowing absolutely nothing and was kinda scared. Doula Ray met with me multiple times and made sure I was prepared. even though I had to do things virtually due to hospital restricts I had every step of the way and even during postpartum. I'm grateful to her.

- t.k. P.


I came to Doula Ray for reassurance in what I had already learned to prepare for my upcoming birth. she not only help erase so much doubt I was about to get her assistance during my laboring process. I had the birthing experience I desired and I thank her for her commitment and dedication to me.

- j h.


Doula Ray aided me in my journey to motherhood. Through her guidance and support I am proudly able to say I am expecting my first child and I couldn’t be more excited!! I’m even more excited to continue to walk along this journey with her knowledge and expertise to keep stress low and confidence high.

- Rebecca K.


Doula Ray is not only well rounded in her experience and knowledge she services the Entire family not just the expecting mother but the partner and extended family as well. She makes sure everyone is included and reminded they are an important member of the team. I was able to service my wife in bringing our child safely into the world because of Doula Rays dedication and preparation. Michael I.

- Michael I.

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