Sarah Foster
Altamonte Springs, Florida
1 years of experience
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About me

Sarah Foster is a Holistic Wellness Educator and Doula that provides whole person wellness education along with paternal doula support for all birthing peoples during the family planning experience. These services include providing thoughtful emotional, spiritual, and physical support before, during, and after pregnancy. As a Doula Sarah also shares relevant, evidence-based information to empower her clients to embrace a reproductive experience that is safe, informed, and centered on your needs

Certification and training

Birthing Advocacy Doula Training (2022)



Service introduction

Sarah utilizes her over 20 years of personal and professional holistic wellness experience to assist families and individuals in reaching their desired reproductive goals in a way that fully respects the uniqueness of our lived experiences. Sarah believes that every birthing person should experience quality and accessible preconception, antepartum, and postpartum support that lovingly embraces you and your journey.

Pregnancy Loss Support
Practical support before, during, & after the loss of your pregnancy. This gentle, client led package is custom built to best support you and your needs based on where you are in your pregnancy loss experience and is available for spontaneous or planned loss of pregnancy. What can be included: Continuous emotional, physical, and spiritual support beginning as early as a positive pregnancy test In person support during provider visit(s) Light in home assistance with daily activities Aftercare education and planning Assistance in creating ritual or ceremony to honor your transition Create an herbal remedy of your choice to support emotional, physical, and spiritual recovery This package is based on a sliding scale, fees assessed based on ability to pay, no one will be turned away for inability to pay.
USD Flat rate
What it includes: - 4 hours of support prior to birth -Make ahead meal prep: lets work together to create delicious meals that can be frozen or easily prepared ahead of time and enjoyed without much hassle once baby arrives. -Infant organizing: I will provide an extra set of hands and tools to help you prepare baby furniture and accessories. I’ll even grab batteries on the way! - Pet, sibling, and/or community prep checklist: who needs to go where and who needs to be notified once its go time?! Lets prepare a list of important details to keep handy. I suggest you invite members of your support team to this important meeting to discuss how they can support you during this transition. (think meal trains and dog walkers!) -Hospital checklist: we’ll prepare a list and/or organize the items YOU want to bring as well as some helpful suggestions. -Herbal perineal wash: to bring soothing comfort and healing after delivery -Herbal body cream: for selfcare and stretch marks *Can be done over separate visits, additional hours available at hourly rate.
USD Flat rate
Labor Prep w/comfort measures
During this 90 minute workshop we will develop the knowledge and tools you need to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the birth of your child. Discuss personal preferences, needs, and boundaries before, during and after birth for yourself and your child. Have a birthing partner? Bring them along to the workshop! Create an herbal remedy of your choice to promote health and wellbeing during pregnancy. Can include herbal bath, anti-itch cream for stretch marks, sitz bath herbs, pregnancy tea, etc. Curate the birth experience you want and deserve.
USD Flat rate
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