Shannon Costa
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Birth & Postpartum Doula
Westmont, Illinois
1 years of experience
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About me

Shannon Costa is a Muslim woman trained as a birth doula committed to supporting Muslim families in our community. She serves the Greater Chicago area. Shannon is a certified birth doula by the Doulas of North America (DONA) International. She believes in the therapeutic nature of trusted female support during childbirth and how necessary it is to a positive and empowering birth experience.

Certification and training

Birth Doula Certification, DONA (2023)

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Service introduction

Birth Doula: free consultation, 2 prenatal meetings where I help you with birth plan writing, labor comfort techniques, partner support and education. I stay with you throughout labor and visit once postpartum. Postpartum services are tailored to what you need. Services include rebozo massage, steam therapy, baby routine guidance, light house work, cooking.

Birth Doula
I use a green bottle sliding scale. See my website for an idea of what you would pay. Between $600 and $2000. This allows me and you to serve women of all economic situations.
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Ratings and reviews
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Shannon was an immense source of support and knowledge throughout my pregnancy and especially during labor and delivery. I engaged Shannon for her doula services after having a traumatic first birth experience and wanting my second labor and delivery to go differently. Despite having given birth before and my husband having clinical experience in L&D wards, Shannon proved to be a source of immense knowledge about the birthing process and options for care after delivery through an islamic lens. She informed us of the many options we had while at the hospital that we could utilize both during labor for myself and the baby, with this knowledge in hand, Shannon helped us formulate a birth plan that encompassed different scenarios. Shannon proved to be a steadying presence during labor for both myself and my husband, it was helpful for him to have a knowledgable, unbiased person there to discuss the options our care team provided us with when my labor took an unexpected turn, and to help him implement the preferences we had discussed in our birth plan when things got hectic. Shannon was especially helpful when I was in early labor, showing me different positions and poses to do that can help put baby in an optimal position for birth and helping me to decode some of the signs and symptoms I was seeing in early labor. I especially appreciated the comfort measures Shannon used during active labor such as massage, essential oils and dhikr, this helped me reach my goal of getting an epidural as late as possible and helping labor progress naturally. After the baby was born, her postpartum visit was a wonderful way to process the birth events and her detailed account of my pre-labor, early labor and active labor phases is a keepsake for my husband and I to remember with clarity the events that unfolded that brought our son into the world. I felt supported, validated and cared for every step of the way with Shannon. -Namrah

- Namrah M.