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Dallas, Texas
2 years of experience
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About me

Hi! I’m TaylorRhea (sounds like Ray), birth and postpartum doula serving Dallas,TX and surrounding areas. I’m wild about birth and LOVE working with first time birthing parents especially over age 30. I’m here to help you make informed decisions about what’s best for YOU, YOUR birth and your growing family. I look forward to working with you! 💕

Certification and training

Birth and postpartum doula, Best Doula (2022)

Advanced Maternal Age


Service introduction

Hi! I’m TaylorRhea (sounds like…Ray), birth and Postpartum doula primary serving Dallas,TX and surrounding areas. I’m crazy about pregnancy, birth and postpartum especially in first-time birthing folks over age 30. Pregnancy and birth after the age of 35 is a whole different ball game and requires a different success guide! I’m here to help you make informed decisions about what’s best for YOU, your baby & your growing family. Let’s work!

This package includes: -Prenatal visits(2) -Continuous phone support(beginning at 30 weeks) -Postpartum check-in (1)
USD Flat rate
This package includes: - Relaxing face and shoulder massage (2) - Prenatal visits (2) -Continuous phone support (beginning at 20 weeks) - Postpartum check-in (1)
USD Flat rate
This package includes: -Relaxing face and shoulder massage(4) -Prenatal visit with comfort measures and birth plan audit (3) -Continuous phone support -Postpartum check-in (1) -Postpartum Doula support session(1-Four hour visit)
USD Flat rate
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